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MR’s Seychelles Visit Cost Over Rs.100 Million

by Ashanthi Warunasuriya

Two official visits undertaken to the Seychelles by former President Mahinda Rajapaksa cost the government over Rs. 100 million.

A report on the two overseas visits was handed over to the government last week by the Sri Lankan High Commission in the Seychelles.

In 2013 Rajapaksa led a delegation to the Seychelles which included his son, Parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa. The cost for that tour is estimated at Rs. 50 million, according to information communicated to the government, sources told The Sunday Leader.

Sources also said that Rajapaksa had in 2014 visited the Seychelles for a second time with a 97-member delegation. Rajapaksa had travelled to the Seychelles in 2014 to declare open the Sri Lankan High Commission, Sri Lanka Insurance and a Bank of Ceylon Branch.

However the Sri Lanka Insurance branch closed while the Bank of Ceylon Branch is facing issues in the Seychelles, sources added.

The delegation, which accompanied Rajapaksa, included six Ministers, security officers and others, including the then Minister Wimal Weerawansa’s wife and a few guests.

In the Seychelles the delegation had rented 68 vehicles and 68 mobile phones. Sources said that the mobile phones were not returned but were brought to Sri Lanka.  The entire entourage had used three chartered flights to travel to the Seychelles and also hired three luxury boats to travel between the islands.

According to the report submitted to the government, the 2104 visit to the Seychelles had also cost approximately Rs. 50 million.

The report is said to have been given to the Foreign Ministry. However when contacted Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mahishini Colonne said she was unaware of such a report.

The government had said recently it was investigating the expenses for foreign trips by the former regime, including that of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa.


13 Comments for “MR’s Seychelles Visit Cost Over Rs.100 Million”

  1. Jasith

    Yes Rajapaksa spent money for certain occasions but nobody talks about the pressure he was handling due to attacks through UN; mostly from US. Few politicians in current yahapalana government joined to US backed ‘enemies’ to to conspire against Sri Lanka. Rajapaksa was going around the world asking help, so these trips should not be considered as ‘waste’ as the attack against him was due to defeat of terrorism which is the main source of income for many super powers in the world. Current government has done nothing compared to previous Government on development.

    • Sean

      How can they, when they need to first pay back the extortionate loans taken in the name of ‘development’ by your beloved rajapaksa? What a foolish statement – what has a 2 million dollar visit to Seychelles got to do with getting aid to defeat terrorism? The Seychelles army came to fight the war is it? Do not try and whitewash crimes talking rubbish about defeating anyone – it is the brave lads of the forces who defeated terrorism, not mahinda rajapaksa.

  2. Nihal Gunatilake

    Hello MR – Just see how Mr. Patriot is up to? So called savior of the Nation – Lanka. Why he needed so much money – He His Madam Sons, next of kin all plundered vast sums of money for what purpose? Ordinary man on the street eat rice and curry with vegetables and fish or meat – Millionaires also do the same thing basically. Can you please tell us why you all wanted so much money and for what purposes?You have become a good actor now. The way you talk, smile or the grumpy face is completely different to the natural smile 10/12 years ago. Anybody – Body Language experts of Astrologers advised you to behave this way. Sir Nothing will help to lead the country because you and your clique have damaged the core of this country beyond repair. I am writing this b’cos I am an honest friend of yours for a long time now.. bye-Nihal Gunatilake

  3. ala

    Cost of laundering money!!

  4. Lord Trevor

    Really- go find out current Gonpalakyas trip to foreign countries and the cost and list the “no benefits” to Sri Lanka.

    Your paper is so biased- we Sri lankans are in the process of not buying it- You are so out of touch with the majority of the population,

  5. Lima


    • tomsam

      please include the sons and rest of the clan of dirty bastards pakses who had and continue to plunder the island.
      By diverting the attention to Eelam Tamils and their claim for rights as “terrorism” they are hoodwinking the sinhala masses .
      The saffron clad skin heads are aiding and abetting these thugs.

  6. Crisantha

    Wealth of Lanka was their private property. wealth of Lanka was for their joy rides, luxury and enjoyment with no accountability due to all mighty power! Seychells which has got only handful of Lankan’s were blessed with BOC branch with out any logic.
    previously over RS 1 billion was spent for a contingent of over 125 to UN sessions when only a handful were allowed to go to the sessions. Limousines, 40 rooms in one of the most posh hotels were occupied ( Obama booked 10 rooms in this hotel) with expensive liquor, blue videos courtesy of the no 1 crook Sajin Vas. Hundreds of similar trips alone would have wasted multi billions for their joy rides alone.

    • Good Lord

      So it was ok for Sirisena to take his son in to the UN and have him sit with the delegates- was he a representative of Sri lanka?

      Do you know the number of properties Dham Sirisena- a jobless joker has in New York?

      Who is paying for his Indian trip to the devale? Guess you do not know. It is the people of Sri lanka. You fool!

  7. Kaputa

    The former president went around to Seychelles was to look for ways and means to stash ill gotten money.KP and Karuna if “indicted” will sing very soon and let it be known that MR never did any meaningful development only did what he pleased and his linen is been washed openly now and all are aware of his deeds.There are a few mis- guided individuals who still call his “Maha Rajanoo”

  8. daggy

    Rajapakshes are the bane for lima suffering from constipation.

    Catch the crooks & punish them.

  9. When the Queen of England or the Prime minister of Uk go on a foreign visit,it won’t cost five million rupees ,if that lot stayed in power,Sri Lanka would have been bankrupt by now.

  10. gamarala

    Deposed heads of state in other countries become private citizens.
    MR should spend his own money for his private jaunts which do not benefit the nation.

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