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Port City Was To Go To Singaporean Company?

by Ifham Nizam

The Colombo Port City Project was to be given to the Singapore Harbour Corporation, the Company that developed the world renowned Singapore harbour, a top official said.

However, a senior official in the committee feared that it would not favour Sri Lanka and so the deal was given to China. He said that some high ranking officials in the previous regime were keen in handing over the project to China.

A high ranking official, who now serves as a ministry secretary, told The Sunday Leader that he agrees that Singapore proposal was much better than China.

“What I consider is the distance and immediate economic loss to the country. I know Singapore was far better than China when it came to environmental concerns. etc,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, scientists and navigators report that even at a depth of 15 metres the Sri Lankan coastal waters are teeming with marine life. It is the feeding and breeding ground for economic fish.

Navigators report that the coastline and sea bed have still not recovered from the effects of the 2004 tsunami that devastated Sri Lanka. To extract large volumes of sand for the construction of the Colombo Port City, in addition to the sand extracted for the country’s essential infrastructure development, on balance, we believe, this to be detrimental to the marine environment, on which the Coastal Fishing Industry survives.

2 Comments for “Port City Was To Go To Singaporean Company?”

  1. Sure , and why not. The Singaporeans with their years of experience know precisely how to run an special zone, as they do, because they have nothing else but the dedication , talent of their people,and clean and strict rule and methods of governance and management. Trincomale would be a good offer , on a similar long lease as given to the Chinese. Sadly, although we have the many specialists today in practically every field , any good thing ends up in a state of corruption and a fiasco, where finally all the citizens have to bear the loss by increased or ridiculous new taxes.

  2. Eng.M.V.R.Perera

    Do not forget China is the world most economic power and also from ancient times a friend of Sri Lanka, while Singapore has become a rich country by polluting the global atmosphere by coal fueled electricity and now it is going for high cost electricity which is against our national electricity policy which is least cost electricity

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