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Rosy To Be New Colombo Mayor

Former Parliamentarian Rosy Senanayake is to be appointed as the new Mayor of Colombo, well informed sources said.

Senanayake, who is now attached to the Prime Minister’s office, will replace A. J. M. Muzammil.

Muzammil is to be appointed as Sri Lanka’s new High Commissioner to Malaysia.

When contacted by The Sunday Leader, Muzammil said that the process to appoint him as a High Commissioner was underway but nothing had been finalized yet.



12 Comments for “Rosy To Be New Colombo Mayor”

  1. Psycho

    Rosy as Colombo Mayor is a very good move, it will add glamour.

    Oh god that idiot Muzammil as high commissioner, God save Lanka.

  2. God forbid. The whole Colombo Municipality will turned into a beauty parlour and it will be nothing but a show after show of parading women and the budget will see a high rise of spending in that direction and end up with the council been declared bankrupt. The corruption and profligacy of the council that is continuing to go on will be over shadowed by the splashy style to follow. Is the government serious of this country been governed or administered by efficient capable and accountable people of standing. Another UNP style of farce in the making. Another incident by the politicians in power interpreting the mandate of the voter to suite their own selfish self interest.

    • Dilkush

      You really have forgotten all that she has done not just women but for the country as well. As a woman she will be more concerned about the cleanliness of Colombo City !

    • Rivers

      Either you are a complete idiot or just badly informed. Rosy Senanayake initially gained popularity through her achievements, which, by the way, put Sri Lanka on the map. Since then, she has fought for many causes and has committed the the betterment of women. For your information, Iran and Bangladesh has a higher percentage of women in parliament than us – and we had the first women Prime Minster!

      The corruption within the CMC has been allowed to fester for many year and as the incumbent for decades the UNP as a party must take responsibility. Mrs. Senanayake will find this to be her biggest challenge, if she is to be appointed.

  3. Good

    Congratulations to Madam Rosy Senanayake. Indeed, it is a good choice. Hope she will keep the COLOMBO CITY as BEAUTY as her to be admired by tourists.

  4. Perera


    • Dilkush

      What do you think are the qualifications needed to be a Mayor! Maybe she should be able to drive a three wheeler !!

  5. Crisantha

    brilliant appointment. Wish all the best.

  6. Kaputa

    When you do some thing illegal and you curry favour with the ruling elite you automatically get promotions and postings to cool things off,this is the name of the game”Politics” That sums up Mussa’s theory in a sentence.However Rosy its not going to cosy! with the thieves already in place in the colombo Municipality.Truly you are a brave woman! Wish you the very best.Noose them in,Good Luck.

  7. daggy

    OMG. What an appointment to Malaysia?

    It would have been better if Rosy was posted to Malaysia.
    yet again, Rosy had said she would not accept Councillor Posts as she was robbed of the parliamentary seat by the UNP..

  8. Lanka Watch

    If the media report is true, pls accept our congrats madam Rosy Senanayake . As
    a priority, pls keep the city and suburbs clean, void of payment hawkers, shanties,
    dirty back yards and by lanes.. Add more parks, clean restaurants and add little bit of greenery to the city.(did not mean UNP) . Organize a few international sports events like Asian sports meet, Asian swimming contest ,a cricket tournament
    preferably 20/20 & Bollywood shows to keep the people happy.; Have a say in
    the development of the port city and most importantly ,maintain strict law & order in the city like Mayor Juliani of New York did so that people could walk freely at any time of the day or night. Bar political meetings in parks in the city and pls ensure no road closures due to local V/VIP movements and all should stop at
    red lights and only exception may be the President on official visits. Try and do something new like having a lane marked for bicycles on the Galle road and see that pedestrians have a clean and paved pathway not obstructed by payment
    hawkers as some walk miles to their work places as a cost cutting measure.

    Come on Rosy, lets see a different Mayor of Colombo.!

  9. Eng.M.V.R.Perera

    what will happen to the special interest she paid to our women and children

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