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TID Postpones Questioning Jeyakumari

The Terrorist Investigation Division (TID), which was to question activist Balendran Jeyakumary on Friday, had postponed it for a later date. Jeyakumary had been summoned for a second time following an interrogation by authorities earlier as well.

Jeyakumary, who campaigned since the end of the armed conflict against enforced disappearances, was arrested and detained under the Prevention of Terrorism Act in 2015.

She was held for 362 days before being released and then later re-arrested and detained for a further six days.


4 Comments for “TID Postpones Questioning Jeyakumari”

  1. raj

    This shows that no one can stand up for a cause in Sri Lanka without fear. Will Sri Lankan forces send their secret forces to kidnap and murder her? We need answer to this question, because it is normal for Sri Lankan forces unofficially kidnap and murder anyone who voice for justice.

  2. TID is revenge by the government to tamil even violation of human right [.tamil are second class citizen ,former president crimes and corruption under the carpet by mr srisana president ,JVP, wanted to come out mr Rajapaska secrets and destroyed the country. local government election is postpone government is not truth to public,

  3. Kumaraya

    The crime she committed is exposing the truth to the world and her request to the Rt. Hon. David Cameron then PM of UK about the missing of her child arrested by the military.. She is targeted from that date till today for this crime. where is justice in Sri Lanka. The Government changed but the Military might is ruling the country behind. soon they will take over the entire power and say good bye to democrary.

  4. gamarala

    Meanwhile, KP abducted from Thailand roams free, after transferring monies from LTTE accounts and sale proceeds of 21 ships – to “you know who”.

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