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Govt. Pays Huge Hospital Bill For Monk

by Ashanthi Warunasuriya

The government has decided to pay the hospital bill of a prominent monk who was receiving treatment in Singapore.

Documents seen by The Sunday Leader showed that the government has decided to pay nearly 250,000 Singapore Dollars to cover the medical expenses in Singapore for the Anunayaka of the Ramanna Nikaya, the Venerable Girambe Ananda Thero. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with the Sri Lanka High Commission in Singapore had made the necessary arrangements to attend to the Venerable Thero, who was critically ill and is receiving treatment at the Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore.

The cost includes the hospital charges, accommodation for a team of doctors from Sri Lanka, accommodation for an assistant and air-ticket fees for the assistant.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was authorized to settle the bill and the Treasury was directed to provide funds for this purpose.


11 Comments for “Govt. Pays Huge Hospital Bill For Monk”

  1. Psycho

    Do the pay for other religious dignities too.

  2. kudson

    while the poor people of this country are abused at the overcrowded general hospital in colombo
    lying on filthy mattresses and bedsheets
    paying for their own medication
    dont you love yahapalanaya
    the australian papers call him the king of commissions

  3. citizen of banana republic

    Not a big issue. If previous government paid hospital bills of a minister who fell from the balcony when trying to climb out from the window of one of his kept woman’s hotel room why not the hospital bills of a leading monk.

  4. gamarala

    Why should Sri Lanka doctors go/stay during care in Singapore?
    This unnecessary expenditure commenced with Sobitha Thero.
    This is an insult to our health services.
    Most senior monks are very old and will fall ill – will this drama be repeated every time?
    Meanwhile rural poor cannot obtain quick efficient health care only due to constraints of transport, lack of facilities & drugs and avarice for private practice by doctors.

  5. ari

    This is what is called giving foremost place to Buddhism in Sri Lanka as per its constitution.

  6. Park

    Does this prove that the Sri Lankan doctors are incapable of treating even a Buddhist Monk. Does this mean that JMO members are a bunch of “snake medicine men”, if so why should the Govt not allow foreign doctors to practice in Sri Lank? It will be cheaper for foreign doctors to operate in Sri Lanka rather than every Tom Dick and Harry flying to Singapore for treatment.

  7. Ricky

    This is the gross abuse of our hard earned tax monies spent on those who have spent a life time of non-productive, tranquil lifestyle without a single cent contributed to the state coffers. The politicians and the monks are the base of Sri Lanka.

  8. messenger

    Another couple of them warded there would bankrupt the government. Let anyone go there at there expenses priest, politician or layman. Tax paying poor man dies here while lucky ones fly out.

  9. Lugo

    Sri Lanka claims to be democratic and non – discriminatory to all religions and minority communities. If the government respects all religions without discrimination will the government pay the medical bills of priests of minority religions seeking treatment abroad.

  10. Rose

    Politicians and privileged peoples are having treatment in Singapore on Tax payers money. Politicians are already robbing public money. Poor tax payers can’t imagine going to Singapore. Why can’t they pay from their own pockets? Why cann’t Government improve the Health care once and foreall for all the peoples.

  11. Namal Perera

    Only TERRORISTS will oppose this action. It is the duty of the Government.

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