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Former Madras Judge To Support TGTE Move

Former Judge of the High Court of Madras, K. P. Sivasubramaniam is to file a communication with the UN Human Rights Committee that the 6th Amendment to the Sri Lankan Constitution is a violation of freedom of speech and conscience guaranteed in Articles 18 and 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

He is to be part of a campaign led by the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE), a pro-LTTE diaspora group in the US.

Former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark is also part of the campaign.

The TGTE has called on the Tamil Diaspora, global Tamils and progressive lawyers around the world to provide legal representation to the communication before the UN Human Rights Committee.

The TGTE emphasized that, while the 6th Amendment criminalizes advocacy for an independent state for the Tamils in Sri Lanka, calling for the repeal of the 6th Amendment is not prohibited.

5 Comments for “Former Madras Judge To Support TGTE Move”

  1. tomsam

    Well done

  2. raj

    If Sri Lanka decides separate Tamil Eeelam from it, it would be better off since it can have Singhalese as the only official language and Buddhist as the top religion. Sri Lanka should think about. It can also reward its soldiers who can protect Singhalese rather than protecting soldiers who committed war crimes.

    • Sangaralingham

      Not so easy. By nature we will fight irrespective of the same things. Caste religion colour height disability greed jealousy backgrounds etc all play in our likes and dislikes. So unity of one factor race religion does not guarantee satisfaction as humans are never satisfied as by their genes or what we yet to find out. Even animals behave better. Good leadership with wise decision by political groups for the welfare of the country not hate speeches in election political campaigns appropriate recognitions of individual rights justified employment opportunities respect language religion will help keep country united. Fragmentation for few racial factors not an answer as jealousy spread gred destroys corruptions kill individuality and society

  3. S Siva

    Sinhala leaders are destroying both Tamils and Sinhalese for several decades with their chauvinistic policies and rule.
    Tamils prosperity is well known in many nations although Sri Lanka regime and Sinhala hardliners deprived in their own Eelam.
    Now Sri Lankan genocide and war crimes are exposed all over the world, Sinhala state terrorism, oppression and hooliganism has to end sooner than later.

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