UN Maintains Status Quo On War Probe

By Easwaran Rutnam

The United Nations is maintaining its status quo on Sri Lanka with regard to the investigations on incidents related to the war.

The government had said recently there was no pressure on Sri Lanka with regard to the accountability process.

There is also a feeling that the policy on Sri Lanka may change with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon stepping down next year.

Farhan Haq, the Deputy Spokesman for UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon exclusively told The Sunday Leader that the priorities for Sri Lanka have not changed.

“I can’t really say what a new person may or may not do. But our priorities for Sri Lanka have not changed,” he said.

In light of the UN Committee Against Torture saying ‘white van’ abductions took place even last year after the new government took office, there are calls for the government to show more intent to investigate these incidents.

“The UN has made clear the need for such investigations,” Farhan Haq said.

Recently the United Nations Human Rights Committee ruled that a Toronto man, who was allegedly imprisoned and tortured while visiting Sri Lanka, must be compensated for the abuses he suffered.

The decision calls for Sri Lanka to prosecute those responsible and ‘provide adequate compensation’ to Roy Samathanam, a Canadian who had filed a complaint with the committee three years ago.

Samathanam travelled to Colombo during a 2007 lull in the country’s civil war to marry. But police raided his home and seized 600 mobile phones he had helped import from Singapore for a friend’s business.

He said after he refused to pay a bribe to police, he was taken to a Terrorism Investigation Division detention centre, where he was branded a ‘Canadian Tiger’ and subjected to abuses.

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  1. Sunil Vijaya

    A refugee flees a country not to return. why did this man samathanam enter sri lanka if he castigated the then government and now continues castigating the current government. he must ask compansation from Canada. Period.

    • Rattapakse

      Were you told here that he was a refugee ? You Guessed, right ? Just don’t show your ignorance and support a corrupt practices. He could have migrated, legally like lots of other Lankans. He did the right thing of not paying the bribe and he was then branded as a Tiger faced the consequences. If he is actually a Tiger, he would have paid what was demanded and get away from the country where the Tigers were paid to force a boycott on election in North to come to power.

    • punchiniame

      He returned as a Canadian Citizen – with more Rights in his favour – to get
      married. The TID has been after Bribes in every instance is a fact, even
      today the trend has spread to the I/E Dept. where Dual Citizenship applicants
      be they Tamils HAVE to pay something to clear the papers. The CIABOC will
      have to step in with a raid to overcome this trend. Navin Dissanaykae has no
      control on this Dept.

    • dear friend please before talk education is very important child will know better than you,

    • Shan

      That is the most stupid comment I’ve heard a refugee flees a country at a time of trouble in the hope of returning when the trouble ceases, this is a truism of refugees the world over and through out history. Obviously your comment is biased and is heavily tinged with racism.

  2. Sangaralingham

    Justice not served. Por chap came he is a citizen business man . Refuges are hopeful now peace let me go. Expectation shattered. Is he alive. Ministry must pay compensation for suffering abuse etcand apologised

  3. gamarala

    He was a Permanent Resident of Canada, but remained a Sri Lanka citizen. He had every right to visit SL.
    The police should be penalised for abusing him without cause.

  4. gabriella

    An interesting feature about individuals seeking asylum from persecution in their homeland, is, that over 90% return to their homeland on holidays within three years of fleeing.

    Apparently, all apprehensions regarding personal safety are alleviated after their sob stories are believed by gullible Western governments, and foreign passports are acquired.

  5. UN head is main cause for killing the civilian in srilanka ,mr BANKOON must accept his mistake ,LTTE is willing go for peace, and came with WHITE FLACKS but president and brother ordered to killed the civilian, mr BANKON is watching not doing anything, he is supporting the INDIAN ,, .FRANCE, UK,USA wanted stop killing the civilian, mr Rajapaska wanted killed the civilians to srilanka is a Buddhist country, one hundred thousand minorities were killed, today tamils are under going difficult live, monks are communal and criminals ,monks did not know the values of Buddhism,

    • T, Sooriaperuma

      Gabrielle , I gnorance is bliss. Srilanka is a Buddhist country where torture is routinely inflicted mercilessly by the police and armed forces on criminal and terrorist suspects, with lmpunity. The case of ‘Thajudeen’,the famous rugby player, amply illustrates the complicity of powerful politicians, JMOs, DIGs, police personnel, etc, in the unlawful abduction and detention, brutal torture and cold blooded killing and eventual cover up . Communal discord and hatred is actively and openly promoted to deflect their attention from economic and social problems, in the political interests of relevant parties, Sob story indeed!

  6. It is very good that the UN maintains its status quo on probe

    The Sinhalese do not seem to understand the difference between “Sinhala Buddhist racism” against Tamils and “Sinhala Nationalism”.

    A nationalist cares for and values every citizen of his country. A racist cares and values only his race.

    By this understanding “Buddhist monk” Sumana is a Sinhala Buddhist racist with hatred and no concern for Tamil Citizens of SL, let alone the lack of practicing Buddhist principles, yet wearing a saffron robe.

    If one analyses the events of the past 60 years, murder of Tamils,
    grabbing their land, planting Buddha staues, war and Tamil genocide are
    the symptoms of Sinhala racism against Tamils and not Sinhala Nationalism as often portrayed by the media.

    The Sinhala racist symptoms remain unpunished for the past 60 years.

    What needs to be done is Sinhalese hatred against Tamils should be
    legislatively banned, but the GSL does not want to do it.

    Let us join the International community and ask the UNHRC to enforce its
    resolution and have its inquiry to do justice for the victims of war
    crimes, for people to know the seriousness of punishable Sinhala racism.

    Donald Trump will definitely call the UNHRC to do justice speedily.

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