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Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree Your Leaves …

  • After Resurrection, the tree is sprouting towards heaven 
  • Trump may have been apprised of Basil’s superhuman efforts 
  • As an American citizen he is probably entitled to Obamacare

by Gamini Weerakoon

That early morning nip in the air and fresh breezes made us realise that the season of good cheer is round the corner. And our serendipitous thoughts went out to that Christmas Tree coming up in the centre of Galle Face Green which was felled by an administrative fiat probably on the instigations of those advocating austerity. Miraculously there was the Second Coming and after Resurrection, the tree is sprouting towards heaven to be the Tallest Christmas Tree in the World.

There are those scoffing at this attempt to make Sri Lanka the Greatest for X’ mas trees. If Donald Trump wants to ‘Make America Great’ why can’t we ‘Lankaputrians’ (like Lilliputians) be ‘The Greatest’ in Christmas Trees?

Christmas Tree coming up in the centre of Galle Face Green

A BJB (Bambalapitiya Junction Balavegaya) of Mettananda vintage commenting on the Galle Face X’Mas tree said that in accordance with the principle of constitutional equity they would have to have the biggest Kadju Puhulang tree on earth when the Sinhala New Year comes along in April.


Kadju Puhulang Tree

To ‘Hang all the Royalists on the Kadju Puhulang Tree’, as the Thomians used to sing on those happy days in March? We asked and realised that it was a stupid question. There were too many Royalists with Yahapalanaya and even among the JO (kers) to do anything of the kind.

An attempt was made to hoist Poor Arjuna on the Christmas tree by those austerity warriors at the start but when he revealed that no public expenses were being incurred – the sponsorship was the private sources – the firing on him ceased. He is from Ananda whose products have nothing to do with Christmas trees or hanging anyone from Kadju Puhulang trees.


Feel for the needy

The season’s thoughts go out to the needy and we reflected on poor Basil R who had been given court permission to seek medical treatment in the United States. Now why should Basil seek treatment in faraway America when he and fellow thinkers are convinced that our GMOA types are the best doctors in the world?

Prof. Carlo Fonseka recently wrote to the newspapers a glowing account of the treatment he had received at the National Hospital by his former students and declared that that the treatment accorded to him could not have been any better anywhere else. So why was Basil R seeking treatment in America? Could these American doctors outperform our GMOA types whose expertise extends beyond medicine even to international trade agreements?

But Basil is an American. As an American citizen he is probably entitled to Obamacare or any other health scheme. He doesn’t have to pay.

However an opinion has been voiced that President elect Donald Trump had wanted Basil’s advice on matters political such as an alternate party to the Republican Party whose leaders called Trump dirty names during the election campaign. Trump may have been apprised of Basil’s superhuman efforts of not only trying to cripple a well-established party but also form the new ‘potty’ party led by G. L. Peiris. But will Basil come back home after he is cured? Will Americans keep him back to save their allies in Yahapalanaya from defeat at the next elections?  Poor Basil has a number of on-going cases against him such as misuse of funds allocated for poverty alleviation on election propaganda for his brother and was even accused of possessing property worth millions which he disclaimed to be the owner.


Other Rs

Our thoughts go out not only to Basil but also to his near and dear who are being victims of witch hunting by the FCID and associated sources. Basil and the other Rs have been in and out of FCID, CID and Bribery Commission offices throughout 2016. These onetime immortals and angels complain of witch hunting of FCID and other Kattadiyas of related institutions but this is child’s play compared with the man hunting of journalists by those in White Vans.

We wish media establishments and organisations were as alert as those of today when journalists like Lasantha Wickrematunge and Siva Ram were hunted down. The hue and cry raised last week for the alleged assault of a Hambantota correspondent of two media organisations by a naval officer may be justified but we wish they were as strident and vociferous as in those hey days of the R’s.


Anti-corruption warriors

Finally our thoughts go out to those intrepid warriors who gathered at the National Anti-Corruption Conference recently. The organisers we thought had made a glaring omission by not inviting those leading members of the Opposition, some of whom have been in the limelight the whole year on allegations of corruption. Some leading lights with clenched fists placed across their hearts taking the anti-corruption oath were funny but if we had the Opposition members – particularly some famed for their breast beating to demonstrate sincerity – it would have been hilarious. That would have even outdone the picture Sri Lankan hypocrisy at its best – those TV scenes where the country’s most outstanding rogues, criminals and killers dressed in spotless white repeating the Panchaseela before revered monks.


X-mas presents

Nonetheless we hope that on that day of joy to thousands of Christians, they and those of other faiths too will gather around the Tallest Christmas Tree in the World for celebrations.

A notable thing about Christmas Trees is the presents that hang on them. What will this tree have for revelers? We suggest some of those duty free cars of parliamentarians will be on show for a lottery conducted on the spot.

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  1. Adjoining erected sheds for the carnival atmosphere highlights biggest damage to this tree as they are not colorfully erected in straight line.

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