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Wishful Thinking For A Happy New Year

  • Vasu is also expressing the wishes of the entire Rajapaksa gang
  • Crises come and crises go’ is the Sri Lanka motto
  • Where the much beloved country is heading to no one seems to know or really care 

by Gamini Weerakoon

This is the season of wishful thinking. We can be optimistic somewhat in wishing those near and dear, friends and relations and the like a happy and prosperous New Year, etc. but those who confidently express their heartfelt wishes for a ‘Happy and Prosperous 2017’ for the country, its people, etc. loud and clear are conmen trying to bamboozle the gullible public to make a comeback or sincere fools living in cuckoo land.


Comrade Vasu’s wishes

Mahinda Rajapaksa and Vasudeva Nanayakkara

We have said very bad things about Comrade Vasu and in all probability will do so in the future but often he calls a spade a spade although there are exceptions when he comes to his guardian angels. This exception, Marxists of the now Dead Left explain is in accordance with the thinking of Lenin’s New Economic Policy which emerged when Bolsheviks were threatened with extinction. The crude Sri Kotha types (petit bourgeoisie) however say it is a strategy to retain their parliamentary seats by hanging on to a saree pota or satakaya).

Never mind Marxist dialectics. Our subject today is New Year wishes. Vasu sans milk and honey in his New Year wishes (or predictions) has spoken of a headlong crash of the Yahapalanaya.

Obviously he has no good wishes for the government but for something disastrous and by implication it means, many happy returns for the Rajapaksa gang (of which he has been a doughty defender) to the seat of power. Vasu is also expressing the wishes of the entire Rajapaksa gang that includes the Joint Opposition-JO kers).


Wishes for Lanka

But what are his wishes for the country? He is quite likely to say that the extermination of the Yahapalanaya gang is the best thing that could be wished for the country. It may be so. But what happens after that? Return of the entire Rajapaksa jing-bang – Mahinda, his aiyas and mallies, puthas, in-laws, outlaws, cousins now on the run or behind bars, cronies, hangers on – for the country to live happily ever after like they did under the two previous Rajapaksa regimes?

They have not put out anything on what they propose to do – not even whether there would be changes in the previous Rajapaksa kitchen cabinet.

Sri Kotha sahodarayas have gone through ritual of New Year greetings with gusto pledging the usual milk and honey for 2017 even though others are saying that there will be a ‘rice crisis’ descending on the country. Sri Lankans have not been much alarmed about on setting crises: Terrorist, Tsunami, Fuel, Political, Economic or Environmental. Governments in power have a stock reply: What did you do in your time? Rice Crisis? What happened in those days of: Haal Polu (rice barriers) No rice days, eat manioc, not rice, etc.? Now you are talking. The standard reply is: That was years ago… What were you elected for? And so the debate rages on. ‘Crises come and crises go’ is the Sri Lanka motto.

The crux of Sri Lankan political debate today is centered on the Opposition wish for the Yahapalanaya to come tumbling down and the Yahapalanaya wish for the Rajapaksa gang to remain confined to the political wilderness forever.

Either or both wishes may come true or not but the debate goes on and where the much beloved country is heading to no one seems to know or really care?

Whose fault is it and who can stop the rot? Since democracy is a government by and for the people, it should be the people who are at fault. But where are they?



Of course they are very much present: On streets and on TV. On streets there are the wound up puppets screaming slogans written out on scraps of paper. Their predecessors mouthed slogans by ear but the 21st Century literati prefer to bellow it out from scraps of paper.

One of the greatest abuses of electronic technology is seen on TV ‘talk shows’ where the manifestly ignorant question the supposedly knowledgeable groups of political sycophants with diverse views to arrive at the truth! Prime time audiences lap it up.

Journalism today is not of the crude variety of simply telling the truth. It is telling the people what they want to hear which they believe is the absolute truth. Wrapped up in technicolour in front pages of newspapers or on TV screens the truth is all the more credible.

So we conclude, wishing you all a happy hypothetical 2017.

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  1. kudson

    yahapalanaya is a farce
    and morally bankcrupt

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