Lanka And The Political Karmic Cycle

  • Soon Ranil may 
  • be playing pandu with the Chineseat the Mahinda Rajapaksa Cricket Stadium
  • There are so many American family members of the Maha Raja
  • Plans to give Trinco, Palaly and Mannar to the Yanks while the Chinese have the South


Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and Chinese President Xi Jinping meet at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing in April 2016 and Chinese President Xi Jinping receiving President Mahinda Rajapaksa for official talks at Xijiao State Guest House in Shanghai in May 2014

Rajapaksa the China lover is against the Chinese coming to Hambantota and Ranil, the one time China baiter, is inviting the comrades into the Rajapaksa Port, Rajapaksa Airport and the whole of what Rajapaksa considered to be the Rajapaksa fiefdom. Soon Ranil may be playing pandu with the Chinese at the Mahinda Rajapaksa Cricket Stadium. Little wonder the man is threatening to topple Yahapalanaya, Eksath Jaathipala of Sri Kotha was saying loud and clear at the Waterhole.

‘Plus ca change, plus cest la meme chose’, said fellow thinker and drinker Pissu Panditsinha and before he was asked whether he had gone beyond limits in celebrating the festive season, he said: It’s French and for the benefit of you Yakkos, it means: ‘The more things change, the more they remain the same’.

Everything changes, nothing is static. Barack Obama had said: ‘Change we must’. Obama stood George W. Bush’s policies in its head and now Trump is doing the same to Obama. Things change regularly in politics. It’s the Political Karmic Cycle., Pissu added.

And likewise Ranil is doing to Mahinda, said Jaathipala of Sri Kotha.

And that Mahinda will do to Ranil on his comeback, claimed Pissu.

Adey, Adey what do you fellows know of the Karmic Cycle, said Jatika Aalaya, the campus YMBA (Yamu Machang Bana Ahanda) leader of the 1960s. Karma doesn’t wait for elections to be held. It hits back immediately. In politics too Karma hits back soon after the event. Why do you think these fellows are marching up and down to the FCID, Bribery Commission and Courts?


Pissu Panditha: And it will be the same for others. But don’t you worry. This FCID, Bribery Commission, etc. won’t work against us. Our side has dashed enough coconuts on the streets and temples and the results are already evident. A few more hundred thousand coconuts smashed and you will be gone.


 Going Nuts over Coconuts

Jaathipala said they were aware of political cum religious strategies used against Yahapalanaya.

‘Having caused a rice shortage, an attempt is being made to create a coconut shortage and trying to make the people go nuts about coconuts. Not to worry, we have stocked enough coconuts in the empty store houses of the Mattala Rajapaksa airport’, he said with confidence.

The Waterhole membership was trying to get back into stride after the season of wishful thinking and hard drinking.


Jaathipala: So the Maha Raja has said that he could topple Yahapalanaya when he wants but why doesn’t he do that without going round the countryside saying it at every temple?


Pissu Pandita: Obviously our leader is waiting for an auspicious time to do it. His official astrologer will say when the time is right.Official astrologer, the one who gave an auspicious time two years before your leader’s time was up and he was thrown out? Ask him to do it again? Quipped Jaathipala.


Pissu Pandita: As usual, you fellows are wrong. It was not the star gazer but the star economist who saw Treasury funds running out fast and debts mounting. Our Raja is an astro-economist, believes in both subjects.


Jaathipala: He should be an astronaut and could have been put on a one way Chinese rocket to Mars but now the Chinese won’t take him. When he behaves like a bull in a China shop how can he be taken in a space rocket? Why is he against leasing out the harbour, airport and some other parts of Hambantota to the Chinese?

Pissu: Obviously because Yahapalanaya and China will make Hambantota look like what the Maha Raja dreamed of. Then where will Maha Raja be? Now Ranil is making VW cars in Kurunegala threatening to throw out Maha Raja from there. This man is selling our country to foreigners. He with his Yahapalanaya should be thrown out?


Jaathipala: You mean don’t give up Blackholes making billion dollar debts but keep them piling up more debts in billions? What are your proposals to pay back billions of debt?


Sell NLB to Trump

Pissu Pandita: Generate wealth in Lanka. Don’t sell Lanka.


Jaathipala: Generate wealth from sweep tickets? How? Sell the National Lotteries Board to Donald Trump’s Casinos? But then you fellows will back those demanding half the prize money be given to street sellers of tickets like those now on strike. Why don’t you call in the Americans? There are so many American family members of the Maha Raja.


Pissu Pandita: You are revealing your UNP-Yahapalanaya strategies. You are planning to give Trinco, Palaly and Mannar to the Yanks while the Chinese have the South. This is Divide and Rule Strategy of the Imperialists – Divide et Impera.


Jaathipala: You prefer dividing the country into two or destroying the whole country with debt?


Pissu Pandita: Destroying the country? Ask the JVP. They did it twice.


Highways and education

At this stage both members decided to take a break from this tit-for- tat debate to wet their throats. Pissu in low key pleaded for appreciation of what the Maha Raja had done in promoting higher education and highways.

Jaathi said they anticipated this strategy of the deposed Maha Raja. That’s why they created a portfolio for Higher Education and Highways. Students were more on the highway than in the rooms of higher education.

Whatever said the Political Karmic Cycle cannot be stopped. The Karmic cycle will go on. Pissu contended. If so, the country would be going round in circles, nowhere, Jaathi lamented.



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  1. Sangaralingham

    Let us face it. Talk is cheap action is difficult. Intrusion of foreigners is bad for the country society. Debt is a sign of greed among society greed and corruption in higher up. Poverty is a reflection of bad government lazy society less ambition no motivation by the affected group barring disabilities mental illnesses. Noted too much religious interferences bringing coconuts hope good for social progress welfare of citizens.many a soul in the country waiting for outcome of the constiution.higher education seems luck of the draw. How some dummy’s enter the brighter left out wonder what is going on. Poor recommendation for some in favour of others by schools clloeges etc was thought with this going on for years private universities not always a good idea still many are out of education. Luck of the individuals we presume. Let media be honest and report the honest report in all languages to keep the common literate society in touch.

  2. Naga

    Satirically recited, ironically the reality. What is the alternative then? Eternal suffering always contributing to those periodical rajahs and believe it to be karma? Beginning to belive more and more in the old saying that there is a curse hanging over the once blessed paradise of the earth!

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