Several Injured As Hambantota Turns Into Mini Battleground

• Over 50 people arrested after protesters defy court order 

Several people were injured during a tense situation in Hambantota when protesters defied a court order and staged a protest near the venue of the launch of the Sri Lanka-China Industrial Zone Development Project yesterday.

At least 27 people sought treatment at the Hambantota hospital after stones were pelted towards the police and the venue of the project, and the police retaliated with water cannons and tear-gas. The police arrested over 50 people in connection to the incident. The protesters, led by some monks, marched towards the venue of the event which was attended by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and other Ministers and diplomats.

A court order was issued on Friday against the protest being staged in the area and the police informed the protesters about this and prevented them from going further. IGP Pujith Jayasundara who was also at the scene attempted to bring the situation to a peaceful end.

However stones were pelted towards the venue of the event and the police retaliated by using tear-gas and water cannons.

Among those injured during the incident were policemen on duty at the time. The police Special Task Force was also deployed to control the situation.                        (ER)

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  1. The protestors were pawns ,instigated at the whims of frustrated politicians….they should be identified and made an example of…..
    Leniency and the inability to “put ones foot down”, is a major contributory factor towards unrest.
    We need someone in the calibre of the PM of Singapore,who did’nt mince words, called a spade a spade ,and laid to rest the SIA Pilots strike
    Wasanthakumar Perera
    Class of 68, English Medium – Royal College, Colombo

  2. gamarala

    Were the monks arrested? If so only, there is actual enforcement of law and order.

  3. Sylvia Haik

    The Sri Lankan Buddhist clergy is fast becoming the hooligans they were never meant to be. The international Buddhists hierarchy should be taking some actions such as naming and shaming the culprits before Buddhism, the beautiful religion, is brought into disrepute.

    • Naga

      It may be an indication that this syndrome is the beginning of the end of the noble religion in a country. There was one occasion I remember reading in a historical account that priests started running out of control indulging in thuggery and various unsocial activities and thousands of them were rounded up and dealt with appropriately and were replaced by priests from Siam (Thailand). One hopes this is not one of them.

  4. The Police should arrest those who master planned the protest defying Court orders. The Courts orders are to be obeyed. That is the rule of the land. Namal Rajapaske thinks he is above law. If his father, great MR, would have been in power today then Namal is above the law. I am bit disappointed the Police failed to arrest certain MPs. That is not right.

  5. Naga

    Protests and demonstrations are the current favourite hobbies and the priests are leading them. At least they are enjoying the benefits of democracy after a long time.

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