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A ‘Royal’ Fraud For Grade-1 Admissions

by Roshani Nathaniel

  • Ministry of Education suspends admissions to Grade one
  • Of the applications received around 20 had given false addresses
  • Of these false addresses, one of them was the address of a former President
The Ministry of Education has decided to suspend grade one admissions to Royal College Colombo for the new academic year in response to complaints received by the Education Ministry in  November, 2016 with regard to alleged irregularities that took place during the selection process of students for grade one.

The grade one admissions were scheduled to take place on January 11.

The Sunday Leader learns through a very reliable source that of the applications that were received for admission to grade 1, around 20 of them were those which had furnished false addresses. It is also learnt that of these false addresses, one of them was the address of a former President as well.

According to the source, while the name of one applicant who fulfilled all the requirements was on the first list, it was omitted from the second list. Hence the father of the child who is also a high ranking personality, had written to the President regarding the irregularities which took place at Royal College Colombo.

Speaking to The Sunday Leader on the issue Secretary of the All Ceylon Teachers’ Union, Joseph Stalin said his organisation had also received complaints regarding the matter.

“We have also complained regarding the irregularities in admitting students to Royal College as we have received complaints in this regard too. However, the Education Ministry claims that they have suspended the admissions as an investigation is currently underway. But the fact of the matter is the Education Ministry has even commenced an investigation because there was some truth in these allegations,” he said.

“The issue here is what action is the Ministry going to take regarding those who were involved in this issue? It is a well-known fact that there is a group within Royal who are engaged in extorting money from potential student’s families in order to admit the children to the school,” he alleged adding that this is not an isolated matter and not something that occurs only at Royal College.

He says it happens at the majority of  government schools, especially in Kurunegala, Kandy, Galle and many other Colombo schools as well.

“In order to include the children who are being brought in through influence, they cannot add more classes, but they inevitably have to remove some of the eligible students on the list in order to include them.

This is a big problem in this country where children are admitted to schools through either a minister’s mediation or some sort of influence. This is the system that has been in practice for a very long time. This whole system has to change if there is going to be any change in this whole corrupt system. This incident concerning Royal College is not an isolated incident,” Stalin pointed out.

“Out of the 10,022 schools island wide, there are 350 National schools and this competition to get children into popular schools exists only in around 35 of these schools. The government needs to provide a solution to this problem and as I see it the only option is to remove the primary sections of these schools. If the Primary sections of these schools are removed then the issue of clamouring to get children into these schools will end there. Then what they need to do is formulate some entry criteria for students at the grade six level. This is the only solution and this is something that even the Education Commission had recommended. If some solution is not found, this issue will never end as even parents will continue to bribe officials to get their children into these popular schools no matter what laws and regulations are put in place,” he said.

According to Education Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam, thirty one applicants who had applied for Grade-1 admission at Royal College allegedly using fraudulent documents will be de-listed, and admissions would resume next week.

He told a media briefing that his ministry had received several complaints about the irregularities that had taken place in admissions at Royal College. “We investigated 147 addresses mentioned in the applications and have uncovered 31 fraudulently prepared documents. Hence admissions to Grade-1 at Royal College had been suspended after the Education Ministry launched a special inquiry into the admission process.”

“In one of these documents, the address of the Northern Province Chief Minister’s residence was also included. The CM was not even aware of what had happened,” the minister said adding that investigations are continuing.According to Education Ministry Secretary Sunil Hettiarachchi, having received many complaints over irregularities that have allegedly taken place when enrolling students to the Grade I of Royal College, an investigation into these complaints had commenced. When The Sunday Leader contacted Royal College regarding the issue, a member of the office said on condition of anonymity that the school was following the orders of the Education Ministry and has thus suspended the grade one admissions.

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  1. SUSPENDED GRADE ONE ADMISSIONS..???.How stupid..if 20 cases of irregularity were detected , why penalise themajority of young ones who’ve adhered to procedure ..I’ve made a comment on the subject of the VW -BOI investment in Kuliyapitiya.. SQUARE PEGS IN ROUND HOLES at the Ministry of Education as well it seems..what a shame
    Wasanthakumar Perera
    Class of 68 – English Medium, Royal College, Colombo

    G.Wasanthakumar A.Perera – JP-All Island
    FCHSGA [SL] MIH [ LON] Affiliate Member IPM [SL]
    Consultant – Hospitality / HR Management
    79, Zone 3, Heartland Residencies, Ekala, Sri-Lanka.
    Tel 94776378262 .

  2. Hasan

    Not only for Grade one Admissions there are fraud cases of selecting English medium in Grade six in Royal college. This time administration not given the marks of entrance exam for English medium. Recently we can see ill treatments for Tamil medium students . Big money involves in every event. More than 6000 rupees collected from every student by SDS annually but every event separately paid by parents. Royal college has to be audited on money and quality. Shame on present parliament members including Ranil wickramasinghe, Sajith Premadas, Rauf Hakeem ————- distinguished Old boys of Royal

    • Sam

      How do you think Sajith Premadasa went to Royal College? Because thathi was president… he wouldn’t be able to relate to you.

      • Sunderam

        It looks every dog and his master is corrupt in Sri Lanka. THIS WILL NEVER CHANGE .
        BTW why is Wasanthakumara advertising his profession and services on this forum?

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