Justice Sought For Kumarapuram Victims

The 21st death death anniversary of the murder of 24 Tamil civilians, including fourteen children,  in Kumarapuram, in Muttur, Trincomalee was commemorated yesterday with a fresh call for justice.

Residents in Muttur near the village where the civilians were killed held commemoration events yesterday.

On February 11, 1996 suspected soldiers attacked the village killing the 24 civilians and wounding several others.

The attack took place after two soldiers were found dead with gunshot injuries at the 58th milepost junction on the Kiliveddy-Muttur road, which leads to the Kumarapuram village.

A group of soldiers were arrested over the incident but they were acquitted last year by the Anuradhapura High Court.

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  1. kudson

    black mark in the history of sri-lanka

  2. ra

    Islamic terrorists are doing the same thing now.

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