Wigneswaran Leads Push For Self-Determination

Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran is leading a push for self-determination for the Tamils in the North and East.

At a mass rally staged in Batticaloa on Friday, a declaration was issued calling for the establishment of a sovereign institution of self-government which recognizes the Tamil people of the North and East as a distinct nation, while acknowledging and respecting their right to self-determination, as proposed in the constitution proposals submitted by the Tamil People’s Council (TPC).

At the ‘Eluga Tamil’ rally in Batticaloa led by Wigneswaran, a call was also made for recognition to be given to the Tamil nation and thereby its right to self-determination could be institutionally provided through a federal structure.

The rally further stressed that a political solution that is half-baked and ambiguous and one which does not recognize the distinctness of the Tamil nation and its right to self-determination can never be accepted as a final solution to the Tamil National question.

6 Comments for “Wigneswaran Leads Push For Self-Determination”

  1. Eng.M.V.R.Perera

    they are day dreaming over 52 % of the Tamils live in the south this may result in all other 80 % of Sri Lankan caling for the abolition of the 13th amendment

  2. Jeremy Babapulle

    Its time to take this fellow to task. What does big mouth Vasudeva have to say about this fellows actions.

    • tomsam

      It’s time to face facts ;Eelam Tamils have the right for self determination.
      Babapulle could continue to play baila and talk rubbish

  3. Mahen

    We are back to square one after 69 years of so called Independence. Why don’t the Sinhala leaders recognise the fact that until and unless they settle the Tami ethnic question reasonably this will come back to bite them relentlessly. One day the world will turn to address this question from the outside and that day will not be far from the way the politics is moving across the palk strait.

  4. raj

    Eng.M.V.R.Perera :

    They live outside because the government created situation that makes them to leave. The power of the government, ordinary Tamils are nothing. Singhalese are obsessed with power so it is hard to convince them to share that power. Because of that Sri Lanka had war. War was not cause by Tamils. It was caused the Singhalese government by brainwashing Singhalese people using fear against Tamils instead of building a prosperous country where all would have lived peacefully. Like Muslims terrorists uses Quran, Singhalese governments has used Mahavamsa to suppress Tamils and fear monger Singhalese for their political benefit. will there be any changes in that?

  5. raj

    At the same time Mr.Sampanthan and Mr.Sumanthiran for more personal benefits in exchange for giving up standing for justice to the victims of war crimes, and equal right. Mr.Sampanthan will enjoy a good benefit by the time he retires because he is an opposition leader now.

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