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Attempt To Topple Govt. This Year – Vasudeva Nanayakkara

by Ashanthi Warunasuriya

The Joint Opposition will face the next election under a new policy, Joint Opposition member Vasudeva Nanayakkara said. Discussions are being held these days to draft a proper policy framework for the Joint Opposition, said Nanayakkara and added that attempts are being made to topple the government this year.

Following are excerpts of the interview with The Sunday Leader:

  • The only progressive thing about the present administration is that after coming into power people have started to protest for their rights more than before
  • If the government agrees to replace Mr. Wickremesinghe with someone else, then we agree to support the government till the end of its period
  • We said that we are going to defeat the government within this year. And we have a plan to defeat the government within this year

Q: How do you see the situation in the country at present?

A: In short, the government is currently unstable. They have gone from bad to worse. For an example, the government has so far been unable to provide a lasting solution for the rising price of rice. On the other hand it has not been able to provide any positive signals about the proposed constitutional reforms. Even the government insiders are not in one mind on these issues. If we take these two instances as samples, then it is clear that the government is now in a total mess.


Q: But Minister Rishad Bathiudeen has claimed that there is no problem with the price of rice as the government has imposed control prices?

A: If he says such a thing then that claim is an example for this conflict. The Minister claims that there is no problem with the high prices as the prices are controlled. But even Sathosa sells rice at Rs. 99 per kg. So we can see the level of confusion in the government.


Q: Will it create rice lines in front of shops like in the 70’s?

A: On every side, people have been forced to fall in line. Those who have money can afford to buy food somehow. The poor man has been forced to fall in line.


Q: When talking about the constitution, the SLFP has claimed that it would not agree to go for a referendum. How do you see this?

A: Yes. But the government cannot walk away from a referendum. They have to have a referendum to fulfill the desires of the Western forces. That is why Jayashankar of India was in Sri Lanka.


Q: What is the stance of the Leftist Front on the matter?

A: We stand for a provincial council system inside a unitary state.


Q: The delimitation report has now been published in the Gazette. But many claim that the election would not be held soon.

A: An election of any sort would definitely be held during the next three months. It could either be a national government or a local council election. If a local council election is not held, then the government should at least go for a referendum.


Q: But do you think that the opposition is raising their voice adequately on these issues?

A: We are always expressing our views as a Joint Opposition. We do not believe that it is our duty to shout out against all the actions of the government. But whenever there is an instance that we should object to, we do not hesitate to raise our voice. At this time we are urging the government to hold the local council election as soon as possible so that we could see the real popularity of the government at present.


Q: But your response shows that there are things the government has done that you yourself approve. What are they?

A: The only progressive thing about the present administration is that after coming into power people have started to protest for their rights more than before. It is a good thing. What is going in social media is a good example for that.


Q: Why did you and some others decided to resign from the Parliament subcommittees?

A: We have done our duties in those committees. We have nothing else left for us to do in those committees. On the other hand they are no longer active as well. So we resigned as a symbolic gesture as we saw that the government is trying to draft the proposed constitutional reforms by bypassing these committees. But we are not going to resign from the screening committee.


Q: The government claims that now there is a right to expression. In the past if someone spoke against the government he was kidnapped by a white van. But that does not happen anymore. What is your opinion on that?

A: The JVP used to accuse us on many things. But were they subjected to torture? These are stories told by the UNP, who in fact murdered the opposing critics such as the JVP during 88/89.


Q: The SAITM issue has become a much talked about topic in the country these days. What is your stance on the matter?

A: It is another example to show how much the government has made things complicated. The people are being battered by issues such as rice prices, Constitution and SAITM. Both the doctors and medical students have joined hands to protest against this move. It seems that whatever this government does ends up in chaos.


Q: Do you believe that privatizing the education is a good idea?

A: Education, Health, Water and Transport are considered as rights of the people. So the university education must be given to all without any discrimination. If the government can dedicate 6% of its income to education then it could open new medical faculties in Uva and Sabaragamu universities allowing more students to come in. Apart from that the government can expand other related study streams such as veterinary science. We must allow the best minds of the country to be able to study in government universities. We must not convert them into commercial goods.


Q: Since the day this government came into power you have been boasting that it would be overthrown soon. But even after two years, no such action has been taken. Why is that?

A: We said that we are going to defeat the government within this year. And we have a plan to defeat the government within this year.


Q: What are those plans?

A: I cannot reveal those strategies in public. But the people will give their answer in the oncoming local council election or the referendum.


Q: But all your plans seem to be centered on Mahinda Rajapaksa. Don’t you have anything apart from that?

A: No, there is nothing like that. We are completely against the policies of the Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe. He has completely right wing policies. If the government agrees to replace Mr. Wickremesinghe with someone else, then we agree to support the government till the end of its period. So we agree to the policy that everyone in the parliament should get together to remove Ranil Wickremesinghe from the post of Prime Ministers. At the right time we will be presenting our suggestion. There could be other suitable names. And we could decide it in due course.


Q: Can you give us a hint as to who this candidate is?

A: He is someone that is serving in the parliament at present. There could be other suggestions from the SLFP and the JVP. If such a good selection could be made then we could at least work as an interim government for two years and then go for an election. The permanent solution could be obtained after looking at the government that is formed after that election. However, we would always be colliding against the policies of Ranil Wickremesinghe. We cannot agree with him on any account.


Q: But can you go for a change of regime without the support of the Maithri faction?

A: With the current political turmoil of the country soon there will be a split in the government. In such an instance the Mairthi Faction will decide what to do next.


Q: But the President has said that he would not allow the government to be toppled by conspiracies.

A: Yes. There can’t be any conspiracy. We are also against conspiracies. We are always taking a broad political action.


Q: But last time, weren’t you defeated due to conspiracies?

A: Yes, we know that. That is why we are against conspiracies. Our policy is to follow open democracy.

Q: But don’t you think that the international community is pleased with us due to the actions of this government?

A: I do not believe that the international community cut us some slack due to the skill of the Prime Minister. With the change of the government, the tough international policies on us were changed. We accept that.


Q: Once again the talk of disappearances has started to emerge. What is your opinion on that?

A: We too believe that everyone accused of murder, abduction and assault has to be brought before justice after conducting fair investigations. We are supporting the authorities entirely in this matter.


Q: But isn’t your government behind such allegations?

A: At the end there is only one person who is the real culprit. A government cannot carry out executions or abductions. So the responsible persons must be held accountable for their actions.


Q: The talk of terrorism has also started to reach discussion circles at present. Do you believe that the security of the country is at risk?

A: The LTTE was defeated. It was disarmed. But that does not mean that the LTTE was ended. Agents of evil could still be lurking in the country or in other countries. Some of these people have openly declared their admiration towards the LTTE. The spilt in the TNA about this matter is clearly seen. However, there is no opportunity for the LTTE to go back to an armed uprising. But the ideology remains.


Q: Recently there was much discussion about legalizing prostitution and gay marriages. What is your view on these issues?

A: Frankly speaking the sexual preference of a person is totally subjective. We cannot blame others for their genetic structures. But we must not conflict them with the public domain. But the time has come to decriminalize some of these issues. It must not be considered as an offence. We must re-evaluate our thinking on offences such as unnatural offences. But that does not mean that we have to legalize them.


Q: What is the broad political movement you are supporting?

A: We represent the Joint Opposition. We are inviting everyone to join our cause.


Q: What are your future plans?

A: We will be carrying out our activities to defeat the government in 2017. We would be doing it according to the plan.


Q: Do you think that you would be able to do it this year?

A: Yes. When we look at problems such as the Bond issue and the price of goods we can see it is imminent. We are discussing the matter further with all the allies of the Opposition including Mahinda Rajapaksa. However, it is true that the people have become fed up of the government.


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  1. ed

    It is time for Vasu to quit politics and to take a break from all the stress which he has got from jumping from ONE government to the other. He has made enough money which of course NO ONE has questioned him. BUT as everyone knows someone who wants to remain in politics means there are hidden plan which ONLY that person knows. WHAT HAS HE DONE ALL THESE YEARS ??????

    We do not need to see faul language at the helm of our government !!!!! We are shamefull to our culture and the ethics which goes along with contructive dialogue towards the citizens. We ONLY see the screaming and abusing power when such persons representing the citizens for a cause.


  2. Tom

    This Vasu is a bankrupt politician. He won’t win if he contest alone. He was a leftist and no future. He got use to the comfort he enjoyed under MR. This guy was licking MR’s back when in power. What good this Vasu bugger has done for the country? The answer is nothing but used to people’s money to feed his family. Sad to see this guy is talking.

  3. Hubert


  4. renu

    Just one man Vasu with just one seat in Parliament talking bull dust of of throwing out the present Government and to bring back the Alibaba and the forty thieves. He is day dreaming. This happens to people of this age. People like him along with loud mouthed Weerawansa are the people who want to do this with other rogues.

    • samantha

      He has done nothing to this country and has been an absolute para Jadaya
      no value in this filthy man
      he should be burnt alive in Parliament
      nothing lost if he is lost abuul shit artist

  5. aggydaaggyddddsd

    There should be a Joker in the form of VASU in the opposition in Parliament to match Ranil ….with Ivy league advice has turned out to be an utter Clown and a crack pot in parliament.

    Hubert… are you a kalakanniya ????????? why curse yourself ?

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