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GTF And Govt. To Work Together

The government and the Global Tamil Forum (GTF), a powerful Tamil diaspora group based in London, are to work together to address the Tamil issue.

Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera had talks with the President of the Global Tamil Forum, Father S. J. Emmanuel, in Geneva last week.

Father Emmanuel told The Sunday Leader that he met Samaraweera and a Sri Lankan delegation for about 45 minutes behind closed doors.

“In all my meetings I have openly said that I do it as an act of critical and constructive collaboration by a moderate diaspora organization and me as one of the oldest victims and witnesses of this conflict right from June 1956. Hence our exchanges are about helping one another,” he said.

Father Emmanuel also said that while expressing some dissatisfaction and disappointment at the ongoing accountability process, he will not lose hope and will remain on the path of truth and justice with the help of the UNHRC.

5 Comments for “GTF And Govt. To Work Together”

  1. Malin

    FM Mangala is having discussion with once number one LTTE supporter Fr. Emannuel who even once said that Prabhakaran is more popular than Jesus Christ. Very unlikely that he will change his stripes.

  2. Let us all work together for betterment of our country. Bury the old hate and start building a powerful nation. Let us not criticize each other. Past is past, but we all learned the damages it has caused to the country. This is the time we need unity.

  3. gamarala

    Wish all luck to GTF to help the enslaved Tamils in the north and east.
    Your first endeavour should be to regain all private lands and homes from the military; then to commence small businesses employing the war widows and families; then, to regain livelihoods taken over by the military.

  4. aggydaaggyddddsd

    Oh !!!!!!!!!! Thats an excellent arrangement.

    This traitor Mangala Samaraweera can go to confession to S.J.Emmanuel everytime he betrays Sri Lanka and say mea culpa …mea culpa and Emmanuel will say I forgive……….
    It has been never so easy.

    What is Emmanuels business ? Politics or propagating his Master’s Message.
    Who is his Master BTW? Of Course its Velupillai because Emmanuel had stated that Prabakaran was like Jesus Christ. (Quote: The beast)

    being a catholic Clergy and as history has said about the sexual behaviours of catholic clergy (Australian & irish papers) probably Emmanuel & samaraweera could be on the same side.

    Who is Emmanuel? Activistst in Robes ??? or a Terrorist in Robes?
    certainly not a priest as he had stated that to him there was no meaning when he consecrated bread & wine at mass to be that of Body & Blood of Jesus Christ.
    Catholic Folks here is a Theologian adviser Emmanuel advising the Asian Bishops. ( Quote: the beast)

    rest of the catholic priest in Sri Lanka deaf and dumb ?
    here is an attack on the very foundation of the Catholic Church. Yet our Clergy in Sri Lanka and Worldover are silent and this Satan is yet in Robes and claims to be a batchmate of Ex- Pope Benedict.

    Soooo…. Mangala is dancing with a Satan in Robes ??

  5. Malin

    Dancing TANGO with a devil.

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