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Fashion Is Serious Business

Isuru is that guy you would do a double take if seen walking down Colombo streets, for his impeccable style. An unsung hero in local fashion, Isuru is the creative lead behind one of the most popular online fashion retailers in the country. He likes a challenge and to explore new aspects of fashion, art and design.  His obsession with retro fashion often translates to his design work which are usually rich in detail as much as they are sleek and minimal. Past an early career stage working for international high street brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Isuru is now at one of the most interesting times of his life, trusted with the creative output for a fashion retailer with an unique viewpoint while leading a team of fellow creatives. He spoke to the Sunday Leader about fashion, style, beliefs, individuality and how all this comes together in self expression.

What do you believe in?

Self confidence and rich experiences.

What is your favourite part of what you do, and why?

Well, fashion and design is a whole process and it’s difficult to pick the part I like the best. But I think that the most important and challenging part of the process is when you translate your drawing into a real piece. Working with the fabrics and other textiles, you can come across many difficulties because the materials might be problematic, or perhaps the idea on paper is not that easy to bring into reality. So overcoming those little challenges is the most exciting part for me in the whole design process.

What drives you to do what you do, and what challenges you?

I have been always  fascinated by the world of fashion. I believe that’s what drives me to do what I do. All parts of design is a challenge. To come up with a good concept and to translate that to a commercial product and the process in-between and then marketing to selling the whole process  is a challenge.  Fashion is business. When you do business you cannot fail. if you fail you lose money. So the whole thing is a challenge.

What would you say to aspiring fashion

You must keep trying new things, new paths of fashion, gather knowledge from everything you do and from everyone you meet. And learn everything from sewing to packing,  to cut, to iron etc basically everything about the apparel industry. If you want to start your line someday, above all, add a great value to your personality because this is what will translate to your work.

Your moment will arrive and you have to be ready for it. You have to be focused on what you are hoping to achieve and be very dedicated. Whatever you focus on at any given point be it your design ideas or your business give it 100% because time passes by quickly. And come up with your own style. We as an industry need originality. And fashion is not only about design – to be successful you also have to know about money, public relations, management, production…it’s serious business and a way of living at the same time.


What can you impart to anyone else looking for their own individuality?

It’s about yourself actually. Think who you are and how do you see yourself in about 10, 15 years and work backward. Don’t be afraid to take crazy decisions at your earlier career stage. That’s how you learn. You cannot explore different things unless you try looking for different opportunities. You won’t know what you are best at unless you take new challenges. At some point you will find what you really want to do with your life, personal and career wise.



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