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Heated Exchange At Cabinet Meet On Hambantota Port

By Ashanthi Warunasuriya

A heated exchange of words ensued at the cabinet meeting last week on the Hambantota port deal.

The issue arose between members of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party and the United National Party.

Some members of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party had opposed the deal to be signed between the government and the Chinese company which will operate the port.

The much publicised deal is yet to be signed as a result of the disagreements in the government and this has irked China.

Sources told The Sunday Leader that Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe had warned the SLFP members at the cabinet meeting to be mindful that it was the UNP which formed the unity government.

Meanwhile, the government informed Parliament that there was no final agreement yet on the Hambantota port between the Chinese company and the government.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe told Parliament discussions on the port agreement are still ongoing.

He said the final draft agreement will be submitted to Parliament before it is signed.

The Prime Minister said that the government is facing a severe financial loss as a result of the port and the losses need to be covered.

4 Comments for “Heated Exchange At Cabinet Meet On Hambantota Port”

  1. aggydaaggyddddsd

    Heated Exchange At Cabinet Meet On Hambantota Port…
    Ashanthi…. is this another Yahapalanaya propaganda lie??

  2. laksiri

    it is shameful to see so call financial expert are now gave-up country dignity and future generation to pay just some loan and created a system never can be changed. at the election all top people called that they knew how to settle these investment issues and promised billion of non-chines investment from bankrupted Weston countries but finally such experts have to go and beg Chinese people to takeover port, port city and many more that is the reason now you have more difficult terms and bad for the country by the way from the day this nation independence from british what deal was good for people or country ????. in respect of India matter look the price of lease of oil tanks is it less than homeless settle annual rent in Colombo???

  3. hambantota port is a big problem to srilanka, former government did the mockery to srilankan .99 years lease to china, it built by china, it was build in wrong place ,srilanka colombo port and trincomallee port, there we have done to development the same port ,former government corruption ,prime minister with out take action, but the blame with china, prime minister going round the world but nothing will be achieve, srilanka economic has going down towards ,please file case and send them to Jail, yester day prime minister allowed the mr weeerawansa,from the jail, srilanka there has judiciary,tamil were remanded with out case,

  4. Trevor Jayetileke

    This is our last chance in this century to put things right since Independence in 1948. Lets GRASP the Nettle and remember that time waits for no man…Voltaire.

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