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Enough Is Enough UNP Must Act Now

  • The lack of resolve on the part of the government, its dilly-dallying, have made it appear like a marathon runner panting and running at the same spot for the past two years
  • There is a  SAITM  High Court Order ordering the Medical Council to register students graduating from the institute
  • The medical Shylocks want their pound of flesh—destroy SAITM, they have demanded
  • For this coalition to function the two leaders have to make decisions and the rest should follow. Every Dickiya, Tommiya and Harriya cannot have his way

by Gamini Weerakoon

It is time for the Yahapalanaya government to make a determined Avurudhu resolution: Enough is enough!

For more than two years the 6.2 million people who threw out the Rajapaksa regime and voted in the Yahapalanaya government have been waiting for results but as the Second Avuruddha approaches much of the great expectations of the people, particularly of UNPers have not been realised. There have been financial and political obstacles but the lack of resolve on the part of the government, its dilly-dallying, have made it appear like a marathon runner panting and running at the same spot for the past two years.



The SAITM issue is a regrettable example. It had the blessing of President Rajapaksa. But in the characteristic fashion of a demagogue he is now back- pedaling on what he approved. That is to be expected, going by his near decade long performance. But what behoves the government in going ahead with this project? There is a SAITM  High Court Order ordering the Medical Council to register students graduating from the institute. Notwithstanding  an appeal before the Supreme Court against that High Court decision, the Medical profession, particularly the raucous trade union of medical practitioners are demanding the disbanding of this medical institution on which millions if not a billion has been spent for the caring of sick in this country.

The all- powerful sovereign government of Sri Lanka has been docile. It tried to accommodate the perverse demand of the doctors by deciding to take over the medical hospital put up at great cost for clinical training of students of SAITM. But that is not enough. The medical Shylocks want their pound of flesh-destroy SAITM, they have demanded.


GMOA: a Sovereign Power?

What sovereign power does this trade union enjoy in Sri Lanka over a democratically elected government? All trade unions enjoy trade union powers as defined by law but not to override government decisions be it in their own field. Cannot the government enact laws regarding medicine, health and sanitation if a potty union takes objection to any such move?

If this situation continues to prevail it is not Good Governance or Yahapalanaya. It is No Government at all and a Rule of Non Entities.

The reasons behind the SAITM crisis are well known. Firstly there are the medical Marxist Fundamentalists who don’t want privatisation of medical education in Sri Lanka, come what may. They successfully destroyed the Colombo North Private Medical College decades ago and now want to do a repeat performance. Marxists have their politics intertwined and intermeshed with half- baked socialists such as those of the Joint Opposition Jokers and JO kers they in their political wilderness have found SAITM to be a ‘revolutionary hand bomb’. Trade Union solidarity has been sought with assistance of monks, nurses, other trade unions who always want salary hikes and Avurudhu bonuses. So we have a general strike gathering on the horizon which can well be the coup de grace to topple Yahapalanaya.


Come Mummy and Poppy

Meanwhile those so called bright girls and boys in medical faculties think they are the Cat’s Whiskers have been led from their nose by their pedagogues to parade the streets in their white overcoats and stethoscopes to show their revolutionary fervour  though  individually they have nothing to gain and much  to lose. Their mammas and papas too are with  the strikers to give an aura of respectability since rowdies, thugs and instant monks with long hair and beards too have been walking alongside their darlings. Now an unknown papa has popped up and declared the government offer of taking over of the SAITM ward was not the solution but called for the destruction of SAITM itself! What power from a Poppy Come Lately!

This issue can be settled by the government in a single move. Standardise all clinical requirements of teaching hospitals, set minimum standards of entry into medical faculties and sack all doctors who dare violate government policy.

J. R. Jayewardene demonstrated how intransigent strikers should be dealt with. He sacked 4,000 strikers and governed the country without trade union interference.

The Yahapalanaya government tolerated the hijinks of medicos for long. Now it’s time to govern the country in accordance with the mandate it received from the people.


Cabinet Shilly-Shallying

Apparently there is much Shilly-Shallying within the Cabinet itself on vital issues which should be resolved forthwith and implemented. Naturally in a coalition comprising two parties that have been arch foes in their entire existence, there would be divergence of opinion. For this coalition to function the two leaders have to make decisions and the rest should follow. Every Dickiya, Tommiya and Harriya cannot have his way. This has to be clearly understood. While SLFPers consider that they have equal rights as UNPers they need not  be reminded that it was the UNP that carried Maithripala Sirisena to power when  apart from a very few SLFPers, others en-masse strongly opposed him during the presidential election. Maithripala Sirisena is now the leader of the SLFP but it is undeniable that he was a president elected by the UNP!

UNP members and their supporters are not unaware that the plot against the UNP-SLFP government is thickening. Threatened strikes in essential services sectors are the clearest indications. The objections to agreements with the two regional powers-China and India clearly instigated from the Rajapaksa quarters are to stall the progress of the government and bring it down soon. Ranil Wickremesinghe and his UNP stalwarts must act now.

6 Comments for “Enough Is Enough UNP Must Act Now”

  1. Gayan

    Excellent article ,well written.totally agreed.Not only GMOA doctors even ministers like Dikan perera is too much.Mr President should know where he was prior to Jan 8 th.Dilans shoes is too big for him. Mr president start the Red cards by giving sent off to Dilan.His history recalls that he shows lot of obidience to leaders but very quick to dessert them upon loosing.He is one of the two in pack of 54.silence him as a matter of priortity

  2. Frustrated Voter

    The status of the UNP is so bad that only those who have gained in some way are now behind it. The vast majority of the principled voters who backed the Party are
    are now disillusioned and frustrated. Ranil’s actions like the Bond issue and giving
    additional Rs. 100,000/ MPs with increased attendance allowances has
    dumped the Party.Under no circumstances , however, will the original UNP voters
    back Ali Baba and his thieves.

  3. UNP’s economic policies in the past have been good. Sadly this time their hands are tied up. The main reason is this government inherited massive loans from the previous regime of MR. They are unable to meet the payments. There is no money in the coffers. The external loan is currently standing a massive 60billion dollars. We keep on borrowing. There is no plan how to repay these loans. Our country cannot go on in this path. What we are doing is passing the bugs to our future generation. Fathers debts are passed to the sons and their debts are passed to their sons and so on. Politicians talk rubbish. I really get very upset when people like Namal Rajapakse, Wimal Weerawansa, Mahinda Rajapakses talk utter rubbish. Villagers don’t understand economy. UNP should tell the public about our country’s economic situation. So that they all understand. How long we can keep on borrowing and allow politicians to enjoy luxury life.

  4. Rohitha Guruge

    The present government and its leaders have absolutely no interest whatsoever to get invove in pressing problems and finding solutions and they just let these issues blow out of proportions. The UNP will never act especially Ranil Wickremesinghe, history has always shown that he is totally indifferent and this apathy on his part displays that contrary to the popular belief that he does not have the resolve, courage and the political will to be a strong leader, now he too has started to display that he is also just another politician who’s only desire is to cling on to power whether in government of oppostion.

  5. Abayasekara

    Well said Sir,

    It’s high time Ranil takes control of the government.
    We who remained under the banner of UNP even when UNP politicians were tripping over trying to get into the Rajapakse government are sick of the situation.
    President Sirisena has only one ambition, i.e. to take control of SLFP, yet despite the Presidency, he is unable to do so.
    Ranil must make Sirisena understand that either he works for the UNP agenda or UNP forms a administration on its own (there will be enough SLFP MP’s willing to join).
    Enough with these Reds & the Pinko’s let’s have private universities including Medical universities.
    JR caved in and took over NCMC, the UNP must not let that happen again. The future of this country depends on it

  6. Ruwan Fernando

    RW should now realize that MS is quietly gaining popularity at the expense of the UNP ,mainly because none of the election promises have been delivered. At the same time he has also managed to protect and foster a SELP group under previous regime who were guilty of manipulating and robbing state resources under the guise of unity government. Most people have realized this farce that is going on and will never vote him again. Any way swift action is required from RW if he is to preserve his standing amongst the UNP and the masses of the country.

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