TNA Warns Government

by Easwaran Rutnam

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has warned the government to immediately address some of the key issues faced by the Tamils in the North, failing which they will back a change of government.

TNA and Opposition leader R. Sampanthan said that while the government has done a lot, more remains to be done.

“Hundreds of Tamils are still suffering. The government must understand this,” he said. Sampanthan said that the TNA will have high level talks with the government and push for solutions for the Tamils’ issues. He also said that a new Constitution must be created through which a political solution is given to the Tamils.

The Opposition leader said that at consecutive elections the Tamils have been calling for a political solution.

He said that hundreds of Tamils are still without jobs and this must be looked into.

Sampanthan was speaking at a public event held in Vavuniya to coincide with the handing over of houses to the displaced families in the North.

The 150 homes were built by the Gnanam Foundation. Actor Rajinikanth was to attend the event but he had to cancel his visit following protests by groups in Tamil Nadu.

5 Comments for “TNA Warns Government”

  1. ed

    Mr. SAMPANTHAN forget the warnings you are well aware of the MOU signed between the current UNP or the government and yourself as Opposition party.
    IT IS WORTH WHILE TO DISCUSS THE REAL TAMIL PROBLEM : note: the governor in the north should discuss matters too NOT to have his own agenda !!!! the northern province is for the people not for the governor. He should not get hooked up with the Joint Oppositions to create problems to your party to discuss all matters according to the MOU as agreed.

    If the present government is not ready to look in the matters indicated in the MOU we the citizens of this country would like to know the REAL CLAUSES indicated because there are always misunderstandings within the majority as the JO members are turning and twisting things to create communal divisions

  2. The best solution is to send the Tamils to Tamil Nadu

    • singing fish

      We all are Srilankans,no need for the tamils to go to Tamilnadu.The country will develope very soon if the Sinhalese come forward to solve the problems of the tamils,thus we both Sinhalese and tamils can live in peace and harmony.

  3. raj

    Mr.Sampanthan’s tone of voice has become very aggressive and arrogant because of his post of opposition. Mr.Sampanthan should realize that he is lacking modern education in order to understand the current world and predict the future. You were elected on the promises you gave during the election. If you cannot deliver that promise or live up to that promise, please resign you along with Mr.Sumanthiran. Mr.Sumanthiran’s messages are sometimes making others stupid because his logical explanation challenge others’ intelligent

    • Thanga

      Lakshman De Silva

      Tamils are prepared to go to TN if that is your wish, but before that you should go back to Orissa/Bengal from where your forefathers came to Ceylon as settlers. Or you should go to Portugal as your name suggests. Remember we are living in the 21st century and this type of cheap talk does not do anything good to anyone. As for MOU, there is no such document. Prior to the presidential elections held in January 8, there was an understanding between Ranil, Sirisena, Chandrika and Sampanthan what the expectations of the Tamils from the government, if the common candidate wins. We have wasted 67 years in squabbling between us on language, land, education etc. Let us move forward. Learn a lesson from Singapore a back-water fishing island now a mini super power in the South Asia. The per capita (PPP) income $76860 dollars compared to Sri Lanka $10410.

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