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Heated Exchange On Cabinet Reshuffle

by Ashanthi Warunasuriya

A heated exchange of words ensued at the cabinet meeting last week when the possibility of a cabinet reshuffle was discussed.


Well informed sources told The Sunday Leader that some top government Ministers warned that they will join the opposition if they are removed from their posts.

Speculation of a cabinet reshuffle has been discussed over the past several weeks but the move has been postponed over various reasons.

It was reported recently that some Ministries are to be merged in a cabinet reshuffle.

President Maithripala Sirisena recently said that several changes will be made in state institutions over the next two weeks.

The President said the changes will be made to ensure state institutions perform more effectively.

The President expressed these views at a meeting with media heads in Colombo.

In an interview published in The Sunday Leader last week, Minister Duminda Dissanayake said that changing Ministries will have a negative impact on the progress they have made in their work so far as the new Minister will need another year or so to settle in and implement his own plans. State Minister Lakshman Yapa Abeywardena had said earlier that President Maithripala Sirisena is to take some key decisions over the next few weeks.

He said that the government needs to address several crucial issues over the next two years.

“As a result I can tell you the President will take key political decisions related to the economy,” he said.

Yapa said that the decisions to be taken by the President might be seen as positive by some while others may feel sour.

He said the President has a responsibility towards addressing key issues and taking the country forward.

11 Comments for “Heated Exchange On Cabinet Reshuffle”

  1. mano

    Wijedasa Rajapaksa must be dumped as the justice minister

    he is fully currupt
    leaking information to Gotabaya on aregular basis
    Sirisena knows this very well,so is Ranil wick

  2. Abey

    Right things are wrong in Sri Lanka. Prez & PM cannot do the right things because they have to support the low-life Ministers or else they will join the opposition. Of course we all know that these low-life s have no principals. And now a chain of worker strikes, student strikes all geared to get their ‘pound of flesh’ or to screw the government are imminent. Govt has failed miserably to educate the masses on the problems created by the MR Regime and in any future election there is a real chance the potential Dictator in MR or Gota might be voted in. We all know many dictators are voted in to power on the first place and then they stretch their muscle and become dictators. Hitler did this, MR nearly did. Egdoran of Turkey is doing.

    Point is that Low- lives in Sri Lanka can not be governed democratically. We need an autocratic leader; Remember because GOTA was ‘dictating’, during MR regime there were no stikes, no protests. Jounalists, Unions and politicos all tow the line with tail between their legs. With the freedom given, look at those bastards; Look at the Journalists, those who were like tamed dogs now suddenly become heros questioning in unjust manner the administrator.

    Basically These low-lives will not allow the country to be governed democratically, SO, Prez/PM we know you two are much superior (at least we think you value democracy) to the other poltician, so move toward controlling these low- life S-O-Bs with SF (I do have respect for him as he rid army of corruption) or anyone else for that matter. Control the bastards. Finally Make sure that you find a way to educate the masses.

  3. Andrew Pitugala

    It proves again how selfish all these people are who came forward to serve the people of Srilanka, and are serving themselves.

  4. Dr M.L.Najimudeen

    Most of the cabinet ministers are highly corrupted. If they are removed they will join Mahinda and the government will collapse. Therefore none of the highly corrupted ministers will be removed. Instead they may be given additional portfolios in accordance of their corruption.
    அரசாங்கத்தில் உள்ள அதிகமான அமைச்சர்கள் ஊழல் பேர்வழிகள். அவர்களை நீக்கினால் அவர்கள் மகிந்தவுடன் போய்ச் சேர்ந்து விடுவார்கள். அரசாங்கம் கவிழ்ந்து விடும். ஆகவே எவரும் நீக்கப்பட மாட்டார்கள். பதிலாக அவர்களின் ஊழல்களின் அளவுக்கு ஏற்ப மேலதிக பொறுப்புக்கள் வழங்கப்படும்

  5. punchinilame

    Let the President once again prove that he has a backbone!! Sri Lanka`s
    economy matters and not that of a rouge Minister.

  6. gamarala

    The only “key” political decisions the President will take will be those which will ensure his political survival at the next presidential and parliamentary elections.
    All citizens know this, and they cant be fooled.

  7. citizen

    Getting rid of the corrupt ministers will work well for the President and the Country. The President should publish the corrupt acts of these ministers and name them so that people will never support a political party that would take them in. After cleaning up the party the new SLFP can go to the people.

  8. Trevor Jayetileke

    Which ever way the Cards are shuffled or reshuffled the end result would be the that the same pack will be returned to rule the roost in the SL Parliament of 225 Jokers.
    SL at this moment needs a Strong, Pragmatic, and Visionary Leader to get the country into stable position after almost 70 years of Independence., and the next 10 years will be the making or breaking of SL. May the Triple Gem guide our destiny.

  9. cabinet change must take place with out reason it delayed, minister of justice must remove, health minister must change, he talking but no work, short of medicine, and doctors, minister of local government must change,

  10. government must change the cabinet forthwith ,mr Ranil and mr Srisena has with out back bone, last two years nothing has done ,economic and culture, law of the land,cost of living, tamil problem ,no one will joined mr Rajapaska his political live is over, why has no saving in jail rest of his live ,minister of justice and prime minister supporting the criminals,

  11. president is a village head man, his politics is good for in home town ,he is depend on srilanka Army, he must ask army regarding state policy, not the parliament .democracy fail, army government Jaffna and earsten province control by Army,the army must leave or there wil be a another rebel came in operation .education economic, culture, food are in fail ,mr Ranil going after other countries to bring money .USA gave money to development of northern KKS harbor development,

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