Gnanasara Thero’s Drama

by Hilmy Ahamed

Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara Thero

The Colombo Fort Magistrate last week issued an arrest warrant on the BBS chief Venerable Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara Thero for failing to be present in Court when two cases against him were being heard. The warrant was issued because of a blunder by the lawyers representing Gnanasara Thero. One of them claimed that he did not attend court as there was a death threat on him. The other claimed that four police teams have been deployed to arrest the BBS monk, hence he feared arrest if he attended court. The magistrate issued the warrant as it was a blatant contempt of court. Now, the Police has no excuse for not hunting and arresting the fugitive monk. Will there be government or executive interference to thwart this court order?

Earlier, in blatant travesty of justice, Gnanasara Thero was allowed to continue to breathe the air of freedom for another five weeks when two Judges of the Court of Appeal, Justice L. T. B. Dehideniya and Justice Devika Tennakoon refused to issue an arrest warrant against the accused for not appearing in Court for the third time to face contempt of court charges? And this contempt of court charge comes from none other than the Magistrate of the Homagama courts, Hon. Justice Ranga Dissanayake, who was hearing the case of the disappearance of journalist and social activist, Prageeth Eknaligoda, when Gnanasara Thero abused Prageeth’s wife Sandya Eknaligoda in open court when he had come to witness the trial. Would a lessor mortal get away with insulting the Court and not showing up three times at the second highest court in the legal system? The Appeal Court has jurisdiction to hear appeals from the High Court or any lower court, while its own decisions may be additionally appealed to the Supreme Court.

Interestingly, the Counsel at the Court of Appeal appearing for the fugitive monk and accused, Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara Thero informed court that his client is unable to attend court since he is under death threats and he might be assassinated if he comes to court. It was not clear as to who would be interested in assassinating the revered monk, whether it is the special police teams that have been deployed by the Inspector General of Police on the orders of the Minister of Law and Order, Sagala Ratnayake to hunt him down or from an external threat from Islamic jihadists or from the breakaway groups of Buddhist extremists which has led to internal conflicts. The escalating internal strife may cause extreme violence amongst the so-called saviors of Buddhism. The threat could also come from the Sinhala Buddhist extremist organizations that are now fighting in social media.

Of course, prisoners transported for court hearings have been assassinated not just in Sri Lanka, but also in many other countries where drug lords and organized crime syndicates work in cohort with law enforcement authorities to carry out mafia style assassinations. It’s not long ago that our own mafia boss, Samayan and six other notorious criminals were shot at Ethanamadala, Jawatte Road in Kalutara while being transported for a court hearing. This bold Chicago style assassination took the lives of seven criminals and two prison officials. A clear evidence of what money can buy within the prison and law enforcement units. But who would be interested in assassinating an attention-seeking monk?

The Counsel for the State objected and informed court that on the previous two occasions too, the accused was absent and the medical certificate tendered was supposedly not genuine, yet the learned judges of the Court of Appeal rejected the plea for a warrant and listed the case for hearing. They clearly instructed the Defence Counsel to ensure that the accused is present in Court on July 18, 19 and 20 of July 2017 for the trial. In the meantime, Counsel for Gnanasara Thero has filed an application for anticipatory bail, which has been fixed for hearing on June 22, 2017. A person who fears attending court due to death threats is seeking anticipatory bail.

The Court also observed that it would be inappropriate if all accused in courts take a similar stance in not attending court hearings and gave a stern warning informing the Counsel for Gnanasara Thero to ensure that the accused appears before court without lame excuses on the next date. The Court also indicated that if the fugitive monk does not appear on the next date, an open warrant would be issued.

What is this drama the Gnanasara Thero is enacting? First and foremost, it should be noted that there is no warrant served to arrest the Gnanasara Thero by any court of law. So why is the venerable monk being a fugitive and claiming that he would be arrested? Has his legal team misled him to believe that he is going to be taken into remand custody if he obeyed the law and presented himself in court?

There lies the problem. If he appears in court on the contempt of court charge during the Eknaligoda hearing, he could be sentenced to a minimum of two to seven years. This is nothing to do with the 84 complaints made at police stations across the country by Muslims. No Sinhala Buddhist or any other citizen in this country is going to shed a tear, should the Gnanasara Thero be taken into custody and the legal process followed for any illegal conduct, leave alone contempt of court charges. So, his only escape route is to cause a myth that he is going to be arrested because the Muslims have pressured the government.

The government too is silent on the matter and is trying to blame it on the Joint Opposition and re-introduce the Prevention Of Terrorism Act or something worse to postpone elections and muzzle public protests against it. The Muslims are, in common parlance, ‘Girayata Ahuwechcha Puwak Gediya Wage’.

The President, Government, and Cabinet of Ministers have given hundreds of assurances that the violence against Muslims will be stopped; yet it goes on unabated. Twenty-seven incidents have been reported during the last few weeks. One man has been arrested for the burning of shops in Maharagama based on the video evidence and eyewitness provided by the Muslims. The video could not be muzzled due to the smart move by the Muslims to release it on social media immediately after the burning of Fashion Leather Store in Wijerama. None of these are really racially motivated but undertaken to divert the country’s attention from the contempt of court charges that would eventually lead to the sentencing of the Gnanasara Thero.

Hundreds of Buddhist monks have been arrested and sentenced in various courts of law in the history of Sri Lanka. The government and the Police, for unknown reasons, are not announcing the real motives of the Buddhist prelate. There is nothing to believe that a Buddhist priest cannot be arrested for any criminal act.

Two Buddhist monks were arrested over the killing of Prime Minister Solomon West Ridgeway Dias (SWRD) Bandaranaike on September 26, 1959. Somarama Thero was sentenced to death by hanging. The sentence was executed in the Welikada gallows on July 6, 1962 and not a single Buddhist protested over the hanging of a Buddhist priest. He was seen as a murderer and nothing less.

Gnanasara Thero has blood on his hands from the Aluthgama violence, which marks three years today. He has hundreds of charges of threats, intimidation, violence, and arson against Muslim businesses and homes, not forgetting the constant verbal diatribe against the Mahanayake Theros as those who are just filling up their spittoons and placed in their positions by the British Raj, the President as a spineless leader, the Prime Minister as queer, the Minister of Law and Order as a stooge, etc.

None of these leaders have made any complaints against the insults that this violent monk continues to make. If these are not enough reasons for his immediate incarceration, what justice is there in the country?

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  1. janaka

    This bastard must be shot on sight

  2. jehan

    gnansara is used to split the buddhist vote like wijeweera was used to split the buddhist leftist vote in 1978.

  3. Lima


  4. I am sorry to say both our President and the Prime Minister have no back bone. This monk Gnanasara Thero is a threat to our country. Unlike other monks who are devoted to Budhism this chap has no morale value. I am sure in my mind this Thero is well supported by few politicians who have eye on forming a government.

  5. P.Sooriaperuma

    Buddhist priests are expected to preach dharma , non -violence, peace ,etc., Buddha said “let all beings be happy.” Buddha himself was Indian and not a Sinhalese. According to Mahavamsa, when Prince Vijaya arrived in our country ,there were Nagas and other indigenous people lnhabiting the Island. They were worshiping different Gods. For thousands of years Tamils and Muslims have lived in our small Island with the Sinhalese. When one of our ancient Kings converted to Buddhism, the people of the country followed. There is an old saying;” where the King led, the citizens followed. The great Dalai Lama said that he suffered from mosquito bites because he was not allowed to kill ,he being a Buddhist . I was in utter disbelief to see videos of Gnanasara Thero ranting and raving inciting
    the gullible Sinhalese to wipe out the Muslims from Sri Lanka. In law, No one is above the law in a democratic country. It is the duty of the police to serve and protect the members of the public, irrespective of race, religion,etc. This man should be treated like a violent, uncouth ought to be locked up immediately to protect the public and their earthly possessions.

    • Robert

      Will you agree making Sri Lanka a secular country is the answer for religious based violence? It is a big problems all over the world today. People kill each other based on their religion and race.

      • amal perera

        Socialist thugs of the west made race and religion laws to hide the weakness of the humbugs of society and get their vote in return- social engineering gone berserk. the begging bowl is only merrily rowing the boat in that stream.


      35% of the of the so called sinhala buddhist think and convinced by the Mehendra Rajapaksa currupt group that Buddha is a sinhalese and was born in
      anuradhapura,even Methananda the Ananda Pricipal some years ago did not want the people to know Buddhas background,a renowned Catholic priest Fr Peter Pillai the rector of Aquinas University and good fiend [collegue] of Methananda told him why dont you teel the people in the south and the central the true birth place and his race ,when Buddha was actually a hindu and born in India,Methananda did not take the challenge to reveal the truth by so called buddhist Hierachy,to keep quiet,because there would ha,most ministers ve been mass walk out of the buddhist clergy if the truth was frevealed,this was also confirmed By Chandrika Bandaranayake,when she told that nealy 35% sinhala non interlectual crowd would get out.
      this shows Mahendra has 35% of this goup who are absolute idiots in the south and central and some other areas ,these are the sinhalese who would also take a bottle of arrack and not only vote for him but would their own daughter for the currupt ministers to have sexsual pleasueres .this is trues,even if one remembers the late C.P De silva was having marital affairs with an innocent lolocal women ,distroying their lives

    • Canute

      Fortunately for you he is not Obama the war criminal of america’s debating team. Obama has killed more Americans and world’s people than the still much loved stuttering Bush(fact). Venerable Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara Thero is not an political orator but as a society he is revealing the flaws of the `old rouges` and trade in their hands like the English have done against the multinationals until the islamist and racist were enrolled into Labour party. Lankans must have the tolerance to understand his revelations than play into the hands of organised terrorism that has enveloped the island since the closure of Suez canal. But today the religious hate preachers want to kill him- that would be a sad day for the well being of the poor masses of lanka. i may not vote for his party but I respect his message or else why do you think the norwegian man has funded him?? Remember Islam is foreign to Asia and is a crusade faith that never keeps to a truce but returns to kill if you do not believe in their faith (fact from its inception) Islam resorts to the formula: ‘It’s so, because I say so,’ will have to reach for a gun, sooner or is to religion: The unquestioned acceptance of information that is either unverified or that may actually be in conflict with factual evidence. Religion is the incubator of wars. Buddhism of asia is about ethics and not a religion.

      • Canute

        P.Sooriaperuma- Sorry about it but your name and substance `deludes` you nana. Retired Dalai lama was a layman the political front man and a person of right conduct. A very pious Rinpoche, relative of the king of Bhutan used to put the shawl on Dali Lama. When the Rinpoche, died I was present at that time the lamas at the monastery quarrelled for the wealth he left behind(Chinese do not leave a last will) Same time there was a yogi on the mountains and many American’s visited him for a Rudraksha every year but the lamas forbade their students from visiting the yogi because he spoke harsh at times like Venerable Gnanasara, this yogi in the mountains performed acts no man could do at his age at almost 90 and many a German student learnt the finer art of yoga from him to return and teach at centres of Europe. He has passed away too- No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.

  6. Gnanasa thero was remanded by the judge . was released then warrant was save on him , he refused to came to court. justce minister and budhhist minister was harboring, now he surrender. he was relished it big joke .srilanka judges, because it a budhhist country, they do crime and corruption, UN HUMAN RIGHT was finding fault with srilanka government,

  7. Walter Adams

    The bourgeois shitting in their undies unable to fathom asian ethics preferring camel dug- what went wrong with sunday leader- it never was right it just in bed with the blade runners colombo telegraph.

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