Hate Speeches And Hate Speeches

All round denunciation of disseminators in racial hatred and religious bigotry is welcome but not surprising because no person or organisation however despicable could justify such moves openly. Racial and religious violence is promoted openly by a fanatical few but they fall silent soon due to adverse reactions caused among their own kind.

Silence though welcome is no cause for complacency. Racism and religious fanaticism is spread by a silent drum beat often not by racists and fanatics themselves but those who stand to gain politically by the spread of such hatred.

It is the difficult challenge faced by law enforcement authorities to keep track of these insidious forces and nail them. Public assistance will be vital in this respect.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has vowed to crackdown on hate speeches – speeches made with the ostensible objective of directing violence against minorities. There is however another ulterior motive: holding the National Unity Government responsible for the violence and creating a Sinhala-Buddhist backlash against it for the political gain of the government’s opponents.

Though much regrettable it is pathetic that Sri Lanka’s politics have been tainted with racism and to a lesser extent religious bigotry for a greater period after 1956.

The bogey of federalism and later a separate state dominated Sri Lankan politics

from 1956 till 2015 when the Common Candidate Maithripala Sirisena backed by the UNP and supported by Tamil and Muslim parties triumphed. Sinhala voters backed the Common Candidate despite rumours and fears of Tamil and Muslim dominance if Sirisena becomes the president. It has proved to be wrong.

But hope lies eternal in warped minds and the racist-religious pot is being stirred. Whether the Mahinda Rajapaksa faction will gain from the violence that was unleashed against the Muslims recently or not, it is the hope of the anti- government factions that it will be so.

Prime Minister Wickremasinghe has said that he would, if necessary, enact new laws to prevent hate speeches, racial and religious violence. This government is committed to protecting freedom of speech and no doubt some of those who are hailing his intention of enacting laws against hate speeches will soon be accusing him of curbing the freedom of speech!

The politics of Sri Lanka’s opposition in the last two years has degenerated to such an extent that whatever move made by the government even to correct the colossal blunders of their own government which was in power earlier, these attempts are construed anti-national acts meant to ‘sell the country’. The billion dollar loans from China incurred by the Rajapaksa government for colossal projects that produced no income and the interest that were being accrued, had to be repaid by this government .When the present government renegotiated the loans and agreed to form a joint company with China having equity, Rajapaksa cried foul and accused the government of selling out to China.

Most problems of the present government are those the Rajapaksa regime left behind. Be it the billion dollar loss making SriLankan Airlines, the Hambantota projects, Port City of Colombo, garbage dumps of Bloemendhal Road and Meetotamulla, Ammunition Dump at Salawa in Kosgama that exploded blasting the environs, are Rajapaksa follies left behind. Facts have been stood on the head and the present government held responsible.

The Sirisena-Wickremasinghe government has granted the freedom of speech that is being exploited to the full. In parliament the so called Joint Opposition has combined Westminster traditions with those of local government council (Pradeshiya Sabha) traditions such as carrying placards into the Chamber of the House and occupying the Well of the Chamber at slight provocation in defiance of Speaker’s orders.

The government is confronted with two kinds of hate speech: One by the hate speeches of racists and religious bigots while the other is the Joint Opposition’s hate speeches particularly of the UNP. Hate speeches of racists and religious bigots should come under control soon but not the hate speeches of the Opposition in the foreseeable future. Sri Lanka’s Opposition may be unique in their performances so far.

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  1. Malin

    You have conveniently forgotten to mention the infamous BOND SCANDAL the greatest fraudulent loss the country has ever made.

  2. Prime Minister is cracking down on hate speech of racists and religious bigots. As you point out, opposition hate speeches have tentacles and enormous and illegal funding. For example, Colombo medical faculty put up tents on govt. pavement outside to flash hatred against SAITM. This tent is used by IUSF leader not allowed inside, surrounded by adoring and hero worshipping students and obviously funded by job agencies wanting to send students abroad and not to SAITM. The police turn a blind eye to this circus going on to mind control future weirdo doctors

  3. Walter Adams

    The media is the enemy of the people as far as India, America, and now UK sees it in practice. Murdoch was set free and his journalist jailed after publication of News of World.
    There are no saints without sin.think about it editor doing the shape shape with CT journos??
    your editorial: a certain weakness of mind – an inability to chart a course, whichever way the media encourages the people to go,if the public and government follow. we would be at eternal war as it now is.

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