MR To Start Campaigning

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa is to begin campaigning in Trincomalee from July 3rd, joint opposition sources said.

Sources said that Rajapaksa is to campaign in preparation for the Local Government elections, even though no date has been set for the polls.

Rajapaksa is attempting to gather support for the joint opposition and will look to promote a future government headed by him.


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  1. Max

    Why have we got to retire at 55 and these ar===s ca ctay till they die.
    Kick this thief out

  2. AliG


  3. N.Wijeratne

    Campaigning strongly to go to Welikada?

  4. mr Rajaaska you are not allowed to contest election, you are a wanted criminal and corruption, srilanka judical is silence mr W,Rajapaska minister justice must resign from the post other wise local government UNP will lost most seat, prime minister the person of double game, enough is enough

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