The Rise And Fall Of Wigneswaran

by our political correspondent

Wigneswaran and Sampanthan

He was chosen as a possible hero for the North but today he faces pressure from the very political party which put him in the political arena.

Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran last week faced calls to step down in a corruption drama involving some members of the Northern Provincial Council.

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) made it known publicly that it was not happy with Wigneswaran.

In 2013 the TNA nominated Wigneswaran as the Chief Ministerial candidate for the Northern Provincial Council elections.

The TNA saw Wigneswaran as a much respected public personality and so it appealed to the voters in the Northern Province to wholeheartedly support him.

Wigneswaran, a retired judge of the Supreme Court, eventually contested and won the Northern Provincial Council elections.

He was heavily promoted by TNA leader R. Sampanthan and its key member M.A. Sumanthiran.

However as time passed by Wigneswaran began to distance himself from the image of being a moderate to a more hardline man.

Going against the wishes of the TNA, Wigneswaran extended support to the Tamil People’s Council (TPC) which includes hardline Tamil politicians.

Wigneswaran in February this year accused the government of misleading Sampanthan on a political solution for the Tamils.

Speaking at the ‘Eluga Tamil’ rally in Batticaloa, Wigneswaran said the government promised Sampanthan a solution will be given in 2016 for the Tamil issue but that never happened.

As a rift between the TNA and Wigneswaran began to deepen the TNA decided enough is enough and wanted Wigneswaran out.

However in an attempt to keep the unity among the Tamils in the North the TNA looked to resolve its differences with Wigneswaran.

Last week a corruption scandal which rocked the Northern Provincial Council saw 21 members calling for Wigneswaran’s removal.

The TNA had earlier accused Wigneswaran of looking to act on four members of the council over the corruption charges without consulting the TNA.

The official website of the TNA reported that Wigneswaran is likely to be removed from office soon by the Ilankai Thamil Arasuk Katchi (ITAK) which fielded him as the Chief Ministerial candidate of the political formation known as the TNA in September 2013.

The website reported that ITAK is seriously contemplating the removal of Wigneswaran as Chief Minister in the context of the current corruption scandal that has rocked the Northern Province.

ITAK President Mavai Senathirajah has reportedly warned Wigneswaran that several Northern provincial councillors belonging to the ITAK have demanded that Wigneswaran be removed from office and cautioned the chief minister that the party may have to give serious consideration to the possibility if Wigneswaran persisted with his anti-ITAK activity despite being elected to office from that party.

The provincial administration run by Wigneswaran has been facing many charges and allegations of corruption from the public at large and from opposition members of the council.

In a bid to blunt the thrust of criticism, Wigneswaran appointed a three -member commission of inquiry unilaterally to probe charges of corruption against his board of ministers, the TNA website said.

Meanwhile a strike was staged in Jaffna on Friday in support of Wigneswaran. Most shops were closed and public transport was at a standstill in support of the strike.

9 Comments for “The Rise And Fall Of Wigneswaran”

  1. Sangaralingham

    Voters will decide.they elected him

  2. I have no faith in both Sampanthan and Sumanthiran. These two gentlemen never worked for the betterment of the Tamil people. First we must get rid off these two chaps. Mr.Vugneswaran is an honest person. We all know in Sri Lanka there is no place for honest people. Good examples are Mahinda, Gota, Wimal, Gamanpulle and few more.

    • Samuel

      Vigneswaran is a egocentric idiot he trying to do what SJV to Prabaharan did going on a confrontational course with the government and failed ending with the slaughter in May 2009 He was nominated to develop the north not dabble in central government politics.
      He has returned millions of rupees earmarked for development of the North back to the central Government other his own salary and perks .He is used by India as a cat’s paw to stir up the pot in the North . The fact that it is Sampanthan who bought him in should take him out . India prevailed upon Sampanthan to not to remove him .Vigneswaran does not have a power base since all the people whom he supported against the ITAK lost their deposits
      A pathetic situation for the Tamils

  3. gamarala

    The usual reaction of those found guilty of corruption by trying to remove the man who did so, on the findings of an inquiry.
    The people know the corruption allegations are true, hence the closures.
    CVW did not need anyone’s permission to appoint the commission of inquiry – it was his duty as chief minister.

  4. punchinilame

    Corruption overtakes any Leadership in Sri Lankan Politics, be it Sinhala or
    Tamil at some stage of their life?

  5. raj

    If ITAK ever remove Wigneswaran from CM, they are simply laying foundation for their future defeats in the elections in which Wigneswaran’s new political front will unseat ITAK without its root. ITAK should act instead of warning Wigneswaran. People (Tamils are with Wigneswaran). In the next election, ITAK will be unseated. Wait and see. Opposition post to Mr.Sampanthan is a bribe to silence him and to collaborate with the government. Mr.Sumanthiran who is lacking honesty and intelligent, is working hard to split TNA as part of the government’s agenda.

    • Jay

      I do not agree with your assessment . Tell me, what tangible policy or action CV as CM (since 2013) taken or done for the people of Northern province. Except to raise Tamil sentimentalism . The Tamil people must get away from the Eelam mindset . Look, what has happened to the Tamil mass in Sri Lanka. They have gone back at-least, 50 to 70 years in all sense, break down on social well being, lack of good education, health – a major issue and most importantly, democratic leadership. For the betterment for the people of Northern Province, this egocentric CM should be removed.

  6. leader mr samanthan TNA leader your weakness member of the TNA in many matters including corruption ,mr sampanthan fail to take action ,the next leader of the TNA mr Wignaswaran supreme court judge ,loved by million in srilanka,

  7. Robert

    A decent man struggling against a group of corrupt local Tamil politicians. These fella also believes that they can run the North like the corrupt south counter parts .Ordinary Tamils know that.

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