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Chilling Details Emerge In Vithya Murder Case

  • ‘Swiss Kumar’ hatched plan to video rape and murder

by our Jaffna correspondent

Chilling details emerged last week over the rape and murder of Sivaloganathan Vithya when the case was heard in the Jaffna High Court.

A Trial-at-Bar heard from the Attorney General’s Department, the suspects and the family of Pungudutivu student Vithya Sivaloganathan who was killed in 2015.

It was revealed in court that the main suspect ‘Swiss Kumar’ had arrived in Sri Lanka with the intension of video recording the rape and murder of the girl. The girl had been abducted by one of nine suspects, arrested over the incident, before being raped and killed.

The three judge bench was told that ‘Swiss Kumar’ had wanted to sell the video of the rape and murder to a contact in Switzerland.

Main Suspects

It was also revealed that one suspect was in love with the victim but the girl had rejected his advances.

This had reportedly led to the suspect turning his failed love into outrage and agreeing to abduct the girl.

In all, 41 charges were filed against the suspects in the murder of the 18-year-old girl in May 2015.

Grief turned to anger soon after Vithya was found dead, with friends and others demanding justice. Following the rape and murder of the girl just a few months after President Maithripala Sirisena took office, the President had assured that a special court will be set up to ensure speedy and proper justice in the case of brutal rape-murder of the school girl in Jaffna.

“We cannot let such incidents to happen ever in the future in the country,” he had said at the time.

The President had also met the parents of Sivaloganathan Vithya and expressed his deep regret over the incident. As investigations into the murder were ongoing the case was suddenly transferred to Colombo. However strong protests were staged in the North against the transfer of the case to Colombo and the case was shifted back to Jaffna.

Wikipedia reports how the entire incident took place. According to details posted on Wikipedia Vithya usually went to school, which was about 2 km from her home, by bicycle along with two other girls who lived close by. However, on the morning of May 13, 2015, the two girls were ill and Vithya ‘s brother Nishanthan, who would otherwise have taken her to school on his motorcycle, had gone out. Vithya left for school alone on her bicycle at 7.25am.

School finishes at 2pm and normally Vithya would be home by 3pm. When she failed to return home after school her mother Saraswathy and Nishanthan went to her school where they were told that she had not been in school that day.

A relative of the family who runs a boutique near the school also told them that he had not seen her that day. At 6pm Vithya  family went to the police checkpoint at Kurikattavan, Pungudutivu to report her missing but according to Nishanthan and local residents the police weren’t interested, instead making derogatory remarks about Vithya insinuating that she had eloped with a lover.

At 6.30pm the family went to the police in Kayts, Velanaitivu to lodge a complaint about Vithya disappearance but it was not until 9pm that a female police officer took their complaint. The family returned home but as the police were not searching for Vithya, they, along with other villagers, started searching for her. The villagers resumed the search at 5am.

A group including Nishanthan and the family’s two dogs were searching along an isolated road about 1½km from Vithya’s home when the dogs started barking. Vithiya’s bicycle was lying on the ground and one of the dogs found her shoes. Nishanthan discovered Vithiya’s body in an isolated spot by a dilapidated building.

She was barely clothed, her hands were bound behind her with her school tie, her mouth was gagged with a piece of cloth and her legs were spread apart and tied to two separate trees. Her school bag was nearby. Nishanthan called the police in Kayts around 7am but they failed to arrive, prompting Nishanthan to contact the police in Colombo using the 119 emergency telephone number. The police eventually arrived at the scene at 11am.

Vithya’s funeral, which took place on May 15, 2015 at Manakkadu Cemetery, was attended by hundreds of people including local politicians. Her family later decided to move to Vavuniya where they have relatives and Vithya’s sister Nishanthini is studying at the Faculty of Business Studies, University of Jaffna. Three brothers, in their thirties and forties, were arrested on May 15, 2015. They had apparently been in a long running feud with Vithya ‘s family. According to the police, Vithya had been abducted as she went to school on the morning of May 13, 2015.

Five youths from Colombo were arrested in Poorikkattuvan on May 17, 2015. They had gone from Colombo to Pungudutivu on May 13, 2015 but later returned to Colombo, only to return to Pungudutivu for Vithya’s funeral. After the funeral they tried to return to Colombo but were arrested by the police.

The ninth suspect, Swiss national Mahalingam Sivakumaran alias Sashikumar or Swiss Kumar, was caught by villagers in Pungudutivu. He was admitted to Jaffna Hospital but managed to escape to Colombo in an attempt to flee to Switzerland.  He was however arrested at a guest house in Wellawatte, Colombo on May 18, 2015.

Several senior police officers involved in the investigation were subsequently transferred. The police investigation was taken over by the Criminal Investigation Department.

When eight of the suspects were brought to Jaffna Courts on May 20, 2015 a tense situation arose and stones were pelted at the courts as the protesters demanded that the suspects be handed over to them.

The police were forced to use tear gas to disperse the protesters. The police later arrested 127 protesters.

13 Comments for “Chilling Details Emerge In Vithya Murder Case”

  1. Malin

    THE OPM SHOULD INVESTIGATE THIS GUY The ninth suspect, Swiss national Mahalingam Sivakumaran alias Sashikumar or Swiss Kumar, was caught by villagers in Pungudutivu appearing in the OPM list any claim by a local resident to that effect..

    • Robert

      Swiss Embassy has released a press statement that he is or was NOT A SWISS NATIONAL and a someone who was allowed live there for some time.

      He would have gone to Swiss with help of Sri Lankan Police after bribing them. People of his calibre would not get residence in Swiss, look at his face. He would have claimed bogus asylum claim, stayed there for 5 years and then back with the help of Sri Lankan security machinery. Now roaming around freely and also organising criminal activities. And the police release him without any charges until local people went riot in Jaffna.

  2. janaka

    Huge numbers of this uncivilized filth residing in western countries carrying out illegal activities.

  3. kudson

    no justice since may 2015
    it is july 2017

  4. k.soysa

    What about action against the police?

    • Robert

      Yes Good point ; Why the senior police officers were transferred? then the case become alive after 2 years? Most of these officers are Sinhalese. What is happening the north? Police colluding with criminal sector of the Tamils form the west.
      Just a point to mention – Sunday Leander’s editor brutal murder is still in the air although everyone knows who did it. That is the situation in the south.

  5. Nagendra Francis

    TAMIL savage criminals. TNA adn LTTE rump tried to blame Sinhalese police. This was a typical sexual crime of the type committed in the West. Snuff films or films of rape murder are in high demand amongst deviant Whites. This is a TAMIL ON TAMIL crime. Hope the criminals are found guilty and executed on the spot.

    • shan

      Recently a Sinhala girl, daughter of a business man, was hacked to death by her Sinhala boy friend. UN accused the Sri Lankan soldiers committed sex crime in an African country. This is nothing to do with a particular race.

    • Robert

      Thousands of rape and killings have happened in the South. being in the forensic field I know that, And these went unpunished. Also so ,many during the war.

      Good number above comments indicate a subtle racism or Open racism , saying Sinhalese are better people than Tamils. Pot calling pan black!!

      For some information, even with very little glues the forensics in West have caught culprits and their are in jail. In some in UK this has happened even after 40 years of committing the crime.

  6. sivanathan

    All of them should be hanged to death as soon as possible. It must be telecasted nationwide. The president promised the speedy trial and justice, he must fulfill the promise he made to the Tamil people.

  7. Genga

    The criminals should be hanged including any one tried to interfere with the justice

  8. During 1995 when Krishanthi was gang raped and murdered by the army soldiers The Tamils took it to HR commission. The convicts were sentenced to death but living happily in Jail.In this case all suspects are Tamils from Jaffna. It is a disgrace to Tamils. If it would have happen during LTTE rule these guys would have got lamp post punishment without delay. Swiss Kumar would have gone to Swiss as a refugee. Id this the way of behaviour by a Refugee.? Did he try to buy over the Police by paying large sum of money?

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