Dubious Deal Of Kotte MC Unearthed

by Ashanthi Warnasuriya

Kotte MC and Deputy Minister Dr. Harsha de Silva

With the garbage issue getting out of hand dengue too has reached epic proportions and there seems no solution in sight. According to Policy Planning and Economic Development Deputy Minister Dr. Harsha de Silva, politicians as well as the relevant officials should take responsibility for this crisis. He said no matter who is responsible for this issue, he would not hesitate to bring them before the law, irrespective of their party or status. He said corruption was a common problem and it was irrelevant which colour these politicians represent if they are found guilty they should be punished. He made this statement while handing over files pertaining to corruption to the Bribery Commission. The Minister pointed out that the garbage issue in Kotte is still unresolved due to certain politicians trying to make money from the garbage issue. This is the reason that this problem is still unresolved and even the Kotte municipal council is not cooperating. As a result the blame falls on the current government for the garbage crisis.

The audit report of the Kotte municipality for 2015 has revealed that having to pay Rs. 23.2 million in excess for the purchase of six garbage compactors is a suspicious transaction. Due to this fraudulent transaction, the opportunity to purchase around three more compactors was denied to the people and they have lost Rs. 23.2 million. When they had the chance to purchase nine compactors, only six compactors had been purchased. Had the Kotte municipality purchased all nine compactors, this could have easily resolved the garbage crisis currently prevailing in the area.

This fraudulent act where the public funds allocated for the purchase of compactors to dispose of the garbage is not only wrong it is a shame that these are some who would even try to make a buck during a crisis and have made it an opportunity to make a money making venture. The auditor General’s report states, “According to the audit report carried out on August 28, 2015, a quotation was obtained for the purchase of each compactor for Rs. 6,700,000. However, as the municipality had instead purchased each compactor for Rs. 10,500,000, a loss of Rs. 23,250,000 had been lost during the purchase of the six compactors, it was revealed in the audit report.

The minister had planned to meet the relevant authorities with the aim of resolving the Kotte garbage crisis, but the Kotte municipality failed to cooperate with the minister. During a recent investigation carried out by the minister it was revealed that the Kotte municipality was not disposing of garbage systematically and properly. The degradable and non-degradable garbage has to be collected separately but the public had not been notified properly about segregating their garbage. Although signs were put up regarding the segregation of garbage, these sign boards had later been removed and replaced with sign boards carrying the faces of some politicians.

Deputy Minister Dr. Harsha de Silva said these are shameful deeds that should never be done by politicians who have been elected to office to serve the people. He condemned the actions of some politicians who are trying to make use of a crisis for their own political gain and said such cheap actions were disgraceful.

The Sunday Leader spoke to Western Province Chief Minister Isura Devapriya regarding the comments made by Deputy Minister Dr. Harsha de Silva.

“I am not involved in these activities and I don’t have the time to be looking for others posters and removing them. I do what I have been entrusted to do. Minister Harsha is at loggerheads with the officials all the time and perhaps he thinks so because they are very friendly with me. I not only work cordially with the government officials, I also work in harmony with the people. Minister Harsha does not know how to work with others and most importantly he does not know how to talk to people. He only talks big but nothing is done. Even at the ‘Vada Pitiya’ programme he said he does not know me. That is so bad. Had he criticised me or scolded me I don’t mind, but he is the Kotte organiser and I am the Maharagama organiser and people laugh when he says he does not know me. I became the Maharagama Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman and from there I entered the Provincial Councils. Today I am the Chief Minister and I have been engaged in politics for the past 25 years. I am not a novice to politics like Harsha who knows nothing. I work according to the law but Harsha eternally scolds the Urban Commissioner when he should give him some respect. Harsha does not know how to treat people. People are angry with Harsha. Like Harsha the UNP came to power spinning numerous lies and making loads of empty promises. The people know this. Now when they cannot deliver their promises, they are scolding and blaming us. However, he is irrelevant to me and I have no dealings with him. He lives in a make believe world and we are not to be blamed for his incapability,” he said adding that the garbage issue was even discussed only after he became the Chief Minister.

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  1. Apart from analyzing with talk only, is it not possible for govt. to act to acquire acres of govt. land in unpopulated area and carry on as it used to be. The corruption has spread to grass roots level of even road sweepers and dirt throne at neighbours. What type of society is this govt. allowing in the name of governing. Crazy inaction. Every issue in the country is nobody’s business unless there’s a strike. Apathy

  2. We are on the road to rot in paradise with loads of bribery and corruption and it seems unending with the way the law is applied and acted upon, more so the delays to justice.

  3. Ayanthi

    I am amazed to hear this story. I am a resident of Kotte and I have never herd of a man called Isura Devapriya. 25 years of eating off the tax payers money and , if he did any thing constructive we would have known him.
    Look at the nonsense he talks with out , doing some thing or finding ways of helping. This man has a cesspit for a mouth what good is that for Kotte. The council has been riddled with. Corruption charges from day one. Mayor can not work with his deputy. The deputy goes to court against the mayor. And this man has the nerve to tell us he has been around for 25 years????? And he has done nothing????

    • Jay

      Here is another BIG TALKER!!! Talking,Talking &Talking,BUT NO OUTCOME!!!

    • paul anthony

      It’s a shame that this blame game will continue until the next Govt, takes over. Then a fresh wave of a similar attacks will take place and there never will be any solutions to the common man’s miseries. What a pity.

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