Top Cricket Board Official Behind Inhuman Act

by Ashanthi Warunasuriya

Temporary staff after returning their pants and Minister Dayasiri Jayasekera

A top Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) Board official is allegedly behind the order given last week to force temporary staff, employed to work at the Mahinda Rajapaksa International Cricket Stadium in Sooriyawewa, to remove and return their pants to get paid, The Sunday Leader learns.

SLC sources also said that while Sports Minister Dayasiri Jayasekera had publicly stated that an investigation will be conducted on the incident, no action is expected to be taken.

Several temporary staff had been recruited to work at the grounds last week during the one-day international series between Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe.

“The temporary staff was mainly recruited to pull the covers on the ground and they were given T-shirts and pants, which is the normal practice. The men had worked on the ground for six days,” SLC sources said.

SLC usually allows temporary staff to keep the clothes given to them when recruited and as a result the men employed at the Sooriyawewa Stadium had not brought change of clothes with them on the last day of their employment.

On Monday, following the end of the match between Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe which Zimbabwe won, the temporary staff were told they need to return the pants in order to get paid.

According to sources the top official who gave the order to get back the pants had said that SLC needs to cut down on expenses so the pants must be taken back for future use instead of having to sew new pants.

“If the men hired for the work had been told earlier that they had to return the pants, it would have been OK. But these men were not told. So they had to go home without their pants. Some in their underpants,” sources said.

Sports Minister Dayasiri Jayasekera told the media following the incident that an investigation will be launched but according to SLC sources, since the order on the pants came from a top SLC official, it is unlikely that the investigation will see any result.

In a statement last week the Sri Lanka Cricket Board said that temporary ground staff who were forced to remove their pants following the cricket match between Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe at the Mahinda Rajapaksa International Cricket Stadium in Sooriyawewa, will be compensated.

The Sri Lanka Cricket Board said that the President and Executive Committee of Sri Lanka Cricket were perturbed by the reported incident that had occurred with the causal workers engaged as ground laborers at the Mahinda Rajapaksa International Cricket Stadium in Sooriyawewa.

“An inquiry has been initiated into the matter and whilst stern action will be taken against those responsible, Sri Lanka Cricket said it wishes to apologize to those subjected to this ignominy, and will take steps to ensure they are compensated,” the Sri Lanka cricket Board said.

The SLC Board has been under fire on several matters in recent times, yet very little action seems to have been taken by the Sports Minister.

The relationship among some of the cricketers, both present and past and the board has also been sour resulting in the game suffering badly.

Sri Lanka suffered a humiliating series loss to Zimbabwe in the one day international series forcing captain Angelo Mathews to resign as captain in all forms of the game.

Past cricketing greats accused the cricket board of failing to properly administer the game in Sri Lanka resulting in Sri Lanka losing to a country like Zimbabwe.

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  1. Cricket lover

    With the loosing of the test match to Zimbabwe it is time to remove the pants of the cricket board officials.

    • Nagendra Francis

      Why don’t Thilanga, and other SLC board officials and Dayasiri of Disce Ammata Diskede fame lose their allowances? How much money was spent for food and drink for the board in their suite at the Stadium?

  2. Noel silva

    If the high ranking official had made that decesion on his own, let him be removed of his dignity and made work the streets

  3. Upul Arunajith

    For anything to progress the top must be good. Attract positive energies. From the time this current head and slc board came to be all what we hear see and read is ALl NEGATIVE. The same way the skipper Mathew threw in his towel its time the head and the slc board be asked to go home before further damage is done to Sri Lankan cricket.

  4. bala sunderam

    As long as Politics play a major role in SLC we can’t expect miracles. Get the polies out of the Cricket scene and install professional people.. Is is a shame.

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