Battle To Save Street Dogs Intensifies

by  Indika Sri Aravinda

A battle to save street dogs intensified last week after a video emerged showing street dogs at the Moratuwa university allegedly being administered lethal doses of sedatives.

Animal rights activists lashed out at the government saying the process was being carried out with the blessings of the government, but the government denied the claims.

AWAC said that the Minister of Local Government Faiszer Musthapha had also given them an assurance that such killings would not happen.

AWAC said that it is willing to work with the Minister on a humane programme in order to resolve the stray dog issue.

“We agreed to serve in the AWAC as Animal Welfare Activists at the Minister’s invitation in order to establish a realistically sustainable, practical and humane programme, mutually beneficial to the animals and the public in order to solve the street dog issue,” AWAC said.

AWAC said that non of the proposals put forward from as far back as February 2017 when the committee was formed, has progressed beyond the presentation stage.

“This factor, combined with the repeated deaths of more and more animals, both dogs and cats, at government and public institutions have lead us to believe that the No-Kill Policy on Dogs has been rendered into a mockery and the formation of the AWAC is nothing but a façade, created to hide behind to avoid public criticism against killing of these animals,” AWAC said.

Activists alleged that as of late dogs had been killed at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura  by a pest control company identified as Ultrakil, dogs at the Ratnapura Hospital were sedated and taken away, dogs at the University of Kelaniya were allegedly gassed and killed, dogs at the Rajagiriya Ayurveda Hospital have been or are to be removed and killed and dogs and cats at the University of Moratuwa have been administered lethal doses of sedatives by Rakna Lanka Security Services.

“The above incidents are all reported to have occurred at the request of the respective heads of these institutes. These are all public institutes and instances where someone other than a qualified veterinarian, with no justification, administered a potentially fatal dose of sedatives to these animals. The public demand on us to intervene as the AWAC has now turned into accusations, some lurid, that we a committee of voluntary animal welfare activists are benefitting from being in this committee at the expense of animals, because the Minister has not convincingly done anything to prevent these massacres,” AWAC said.

AWAC says the situation has deteriorated and the inaction on Minister Faiszer Musthapha’s part has resulted in the loss of the Minister’s credibility as wanting a humane solution.

“If we continue to serve in this committee without publicly expressing our dissent regarding the ever increasing dog massacres, we as the AWAC would not be taking our role seriously.  We cannot echo or condone the conflicting stance the Minister takes by saying there is a No-Kill Policy on Dogs and that he will not promote the killing of dogs, but that he is unable to intervene in extreme decisions taken by others regarding dogs in their institutions. This is akin to any person being allowed to take the law into their own hands when circumstances become difficult to manage,” AWAC said.

Meanwhile, Provincial Councils Minister Faiszer Musthapha said that killing dogs is not a policy of the government.

“There are issues due to stray dogs which we need to find a clear solution. But killing dogs is totally unacceptable. Anyone who is carrying out this operation should stop this,” he said.

The Minister said that if there is evidence of stray dogs being killed then a complaint must be made and it will be investigated.

Minister of Megapolis and Western Development Champika Ranawaka has also been attacked on social media over the killing of dogs.

Ranawaka insisted the government does not follow a policy of killing stray dogs, cats or cattle.

He said that those who use Facebook to accuse the government of killing dogs should first stop dumping polythene on the streets which kill animals.

6 Comments for “Battle To Save Street Dogs Intensifies”

  1. ed

    Animal Rights and Human Rights groups should visit the villeges where the Elephants are destroying !!!!!! Why arn’t you people inquiring about such incidents ????? There are certain points which the Animal Rights and the Human Rights groups should get together and protest.

    The villeges are been distroyed daily and the farmers are loosing their harvest daily due to Elephants rampagning and entering the villeges. WEARE TALKING ABOUT CHILDREN , MOTHERS , FATHERS AND GRAND PARENTS WHO HAVE BEEN KILLED BY THE ELEPHANTS !!!!!! where are your CONCERNS ON THEIR RIGHTS ???????


  2. jehan

    lets export the dogs to korea, or china. there is a street dog problem, nearing 2million stray dogs. rabies deaths 1000 a year. with 15000 infected.

  3. Dave Goonawardena

    This world was created not only for humans , animals and nature vegetation were also given a place in it . In this country so called a Buddhist country many people have lowered themselves to the the lowest form of animals All religions avoid talking on preserving all that was created , so tell me is this right.
    Those ruling see if you will receive our votes at the next election
    The President himself taking his oath at Torrington square said we must protect
    the animals and trees but he seems to have forgotten too .

  4. Stray dogs is a menace in the country. This must be addressed. There must be an animal police to round up these dogs and given to needy people. A welfare society must also be established as in other countries, calling donations. Dog owners must be registered and frequent inquiries must be made about their pets also, a registration fee must be charged from them to maintain services. Also, dogs also must be sent to dog ponder of the MRI. Our pseudo animal lovers just talk but no actions.

  5. CW

    Politicians, Be aware

  6. LAL Silva

    What about fight to save humans?

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