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Observant, Nocturnal And Visionary

Interview with Rochelle Bibile, ‘Chief Bakamuna’ and CEO of the designer brand Bakamuna

Rochelle Bibile is the creative brains behind the fun and interesting designer lifestyle brand,  Bakamuna. Retailing art prints, stationery, homeware and accessories, Bakamuna was launched earlier this year by MTI’s idea2fund. Rochelle identifies herself as the Chief Bakamuna and CEO of the young but extremely promising brand. The name ‘Bakamuna’ is a reflection of Rochelle’s creative practices and habits, plus what the brand stands for. This is how she interprets it; “Nocturnal – coming up with some of my best ideas and concepts in the night, Observant – drawing inspiration from cultures, situations and environments around me and translating them into original creations and visionary – using insight and imagination to transform simple ideas to visual stories.”

Rochelle says her love for design stems from being part of a creative family and a longstanding love for art. “I always knew that I wanted to work in the creative field so I studied design and I worked as a graphic designer for many years. My ultimate goal though was to travel, get inspired and create my own designs, connect with other creatives and collaborate with businesses  which is what I currently do through Bakamuna.”

Among other best works is the promotional design for Theatre Junction’s musical production of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s ‘Cinderella’. As most designers would tell you, good design never comes easy. For Rochelle, the biggest challenge in this particular project was adhering to the international design standards and specifications for all promotional material for the Tony Award winning musical. The fun part of it was combining various elements and mediums to come up with a visual that was both relatable yet refreshing and new.

“The concept was very much based on the artistic direction of the musical itself. A combination of iconic elements, colours, textures and fonts were used to put a contemporary spin on an age old classic, connecting to a diverse audience.”

She says that the best thing about being a designer is that there is really no limit to what you can do. With the ability to translate your vision into something useful, stimulating and engaging is a rewarding experience to her. “You also have the ability to connect and work with people who have ideas but don’t have the skill to transform them into something tangible. You have the power to express yourself in a way that so many people are unable to,” she adds.

To Rochelle, design is all about the impact that it creates not only in our eyes and minds but also on our lives.

“Design is about expression of a thought, a feeling, an idea and it’s not really about how it looks but it’s more about the effect it creates. It’s a visual experience that conveys a message and it’s about using various elements and making them work together as one. It’s about experimenting, pushing boundaries and finding creative solutions by working through challenges.”

Find her fun illustrations and work in the form of art prints, stationery, homeware and accessories at



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