Warped Minds Sway The Country

by Gamini Weerakoon

The furious political debates now threatening to tear Sri Lanka apart fall into two categories: (a)Those that hold the Yahapalanaya government responsible for all evil that has befallen Sri Lanka for the past two-and-a-half years and that for any good to happen the fallen Rajapaksa regime should be resurrected; and (b) All insurmountable problems faced by the Yahapalanaya government are those leftover by the Rajapaksa regime that should never be permitted to return and this government could set things right, come 2020.

Another protest in Colombo… warped minds sway the country into destruction

The learned opinion expressed by political pundits with impressive letters behind their names to the GCE-OL (failed) honourable legislators on both sides of the political divide fall into these two categories and both types are saying – more or less – the same kind of things.


Critics sans Solutions

The notable feature is that these ‘patriotic defenders’ of Mother Lanka offer no solutions to the nation’s problems about which they harangue the people every day. Rajapaksa faithful now do not have a ‘Mahinda Chintanaya’ which they repeated like a mantra in their ‘golden days’ but failed to bring forth the Promised Land. The Yahapalanaya is mumbling, stumbling and quarrelling without progress being made but assures us of better things to come in the next three years.

The Rajapaksa gang is in a hurry. They want to topple the government before the end of the year, presumably to seize power. And what, after that? We will have the Three Rs- Rajapaksa, Rajapaksa and Rajapaksa – and many more Rs up and going to run the country to ruination as before?

Criticisms made by pundits are as hilarious as the GCE-O Level (failed).

Recently a statement made by a Northern MP that their constitutional proposals were more of a federal nature but not openly declared as being federal, resulted in a tirade against him by a leading Rajapaksa pundit. A new brand on the wrapper of a federalist parcel without the federalist logo, fumed a former choir boy of the Fr. Tissa Balasuriya society for social destabilisation in the ‘80s but now singing Bakthi Gee for the pro Sinhala Rajapaksa nikaya. As to change of brand names and wrappers he does not mention his metamorphosis from a Umma Maheswaran Eelam minister to a pro Rajapaksa Thri Sinhale, in a hop-step-and-a-jump spanning three decades.

Such is the chequered history of political pundits imparting their wisdom to the gullible Rajapaksa following.

Critics of Yahapalanaya not as fanatical keep producing laughable political analyses for their favourite leaders. One such argument was that the Yahapalanaya was a double headed monster with two tails pulling apart in two different directions. The solution therefore was the return of a single headed monster that could run the show. This analyst apparently has amnesia and forgets that his single headed monster ruled for ten years and left behind all of today’s problems. Besides the common cry of many political parties down the years was that the multi-party political system resulted in ‘two parties having a game of tennis flicking the ball from one court to the other with nothing worthwhile happening’. The call was for the UNP and SLFP to work together for the country’s benefit but the Joint Opposition patriots thought otherwise and commenced work to wreck the government from its inception.

R. Sampanthan, perhaps the most senior of parliamentarians, the Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the Tamil National Alliance, last week said that the UNP and SLFP must put aside their petty political agendas and join to ensure the success of the constitutional making process. He had said this at a meeting with Singapore’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Minister Vivian Balakrishnan on Tuesday.

But such rational solutions do not emerge from the pundits or hoi-polloi that appears in print, radio or TV, particularly on TV talk shows. They do not attempt to produce solutions but produce criticisms and abuse to the delight of partisan audiences that lap them up.


Solutions Unwanted

Ranil Wickremesinghe has come up with a solution to the colossal debt to China piled up by Mahinda Rajapaksa.He has proposed forming a joint venture with China having the majority of shares in an industrial estate and the Hambantota Harbour on long lease. But to the Joint Opposition this is tantamount to selling off part of the country and is opposing it tooth and nail. They obviously want debts to escalate for that would lead to the collapse of the government. And they have no solution to make.

So it is with the UNHRC resolution against Sri Lanka on violation of human rights during the Rajapaksa tenure of office. Rajapaksa feared the International Community ‘sending him to the Electric Chair’. Wickremesinghe had done much to douse the flames but more has to be done by addressing the grievances and suffering of the Tamil civilian community and bringing about reconciliation avoiding ignition of communal flames. But Sinhala supremacists don’t want any kind of appeasement or reconciliation. Sinhala votes they believe can be won by flexing muscles and showing off Sinhala superiority.

So the show goes on with racist invective and daily public demos given wide publicity by showing ‘action’ and exposures. Marathon talkathons on Garbage Disposal are now regular TV features where more verbal garbage than the garbage on the streets is produced. But no permanent solution is being mentioned: Deployment of massive incinerators as is done in many other countries or small bio-degradable plants around the country. Garbage disposal calls for scientific methodology not demagoguery.

The mass media in Lanka in recent times has produced on a mass scale: demagogues, charlatans, fake pundits and the like who perorate to their gullible masses what they want to hear. The knowledgeable few do not appear in print or in the idiot box and confine themselves to academic journals or professional audiences. And the warped minds sway the country into destruction.

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  1. Trevor Jayetileke

    Demagogues, and Fake Pundits (also acting like Ventriloquist) who have brainwashed the gullible masses of Sri Lanka and these warped minds are leading the “Yahapalanaya” Government since January 2015 to destruction is fair comment.
    However as stated the alternative is even worse., and is a sad situation for Sri Lanka. All I could say is that we must look at all this in the present context of the Dystopian Fantasy World we live in today. Could we have imagined that the US and Britain could have come to this present state of affairs in the 21st century.
    Does the World still have a Sole Superpower or a Economic Engine to carry the rest of the World. The answer is NO. So I see the World at its Nadir and a changing Climate which is taking all of us to extinction ( The Apocalypse)., and Consumerism and Greed of Man has brought us to this point of no return. This is why great men like the Buddha ( born a Prince ) and 500 years later Jesus ( born in a Stable ) and the son of a Carpenter gave up the material things of life which is Temporary.
    After all what is this Planet Earth a mere Pebble in comparison to the Cosmos., and like everything else we are here today and gone tomorrow. As Epictatus stated “Live Today as ones Last Day and enjoy every moment (Love, give, share and laugh ) and Study every day as if one is going to live for ever’., as tomorrow may never come.

  2. Sangaralingham

    Are we surprised. Every dick Harry etc like to come to power. Once elected they fight among each other order luxury life cars food travel while men women in the country children walk the street lanes stream with no protection bridges no decent toilets in school. Army police left on their own some intimidate people bribery random in police. So may be a Buddhist country if followed Buddhist teaching one should expect paradise. Are we disappointed. Punching band soma sati rsjendran Kampala hamid mustsalpha
    Ha Ismail say how can we be happy. Is it’s joke we face many years of calamity nothing change except dome peace in land but no peace in our head living expense high food dhelter expensive. Transport messy. University students protesting why ehy

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