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Violence In North, LTTE Resurgence Feared

by  Indika Sri Aravinda

Manickavasagar Illancheliyan, Karuna Amman and Pilleyan

Due to several incidents of violence that took place in the Jaffna area recently, security in that area has been threatened, according to the security forces. Based on these incidents in the North, there was tension brewing in the South and the politicians in the South were fearful that the LTTE could be raising its ugly head of terrorism again.

On the 9th of last month, a police security post in Kate junction in Point Pedro was attacked and on the 21st of July, a group of Navy Coast Guard officers were attacked when they had gone to investigate an incident where a group was illegally clearing mangroves in the Koodanthevurun area in Manelthadu. Yet again on July 22nd, the tragic shooting incident occurred in the Nallur area in Jaffna where two security officers of Jaffna High Court Judge Manickavasagar Illancheliyan was shot at and one killed, and on July 30th, two Police constables were attacked with swords in Kopai, Jaffna. These were some of the incidents that took place in the North which caused concern that violence was slowly but surely returning to Jaffna. Based on these incidents, special security has been beefed up in the North, while according to information revealed so far, former LTTE members have been involved in these incidents. The man arrested in connection with the shooting of Judge Illancheliyan’s security personnel, Selvarajah Jeyanthan was an active LTTE member from 1996 to 1998. Similarly, those Awa gang members arrested for the hacking of two policemen in Kopai on July 30th have also revealed upon investigation that they were members of the LTTE.

The incidents that occurred in the North and the revelation that former LTTE members were involved in them have raised concern that the LTTE is slowly preparing for a possible resurrection. The security forces have been on the alert and are preparing for such a situation. Even IG Pugith Jayasundara who engaged in a tour of the North recently said security in the North will be strengthened and measures will be taken to ensure peace will be maintained in the North. The LTTE assassinated the Mayor of Jaffna Alfred Doreiappa on July 27, 1975 while he had visited the Ponnalai Kovil and was returning home. This was registered in the history books as the first LTTE political attack. This was the first political assassination by the LTTE headed by Velupillai Prabhakaran.

From then on, the LTTE has destroyed countless human lives right until May 18, 2009. The LTTE first organised themselves as a small group but later its membership grew to thousands.

However, after the war ended the previous Government rehabilitated a large number of LTTE cadres, but it is left to be seen how successful this programme really was. The question remains – if they have carried arms and been fighters for almost 30 years, can their war mentality be transformed by a mere six months or one year of rehabilitation and their mind-set be shifted from war to peace? Perhaps they would have been either disabled in attacks by the security forces, or their loved ones may have been killed in some of the government forces offensives, therefore it is natural that they could harbour some sort of hatred in their minds toward the security forces.

Therefore, the mind-set to once again resurrect the LTTE could still be wedged in their psyche. Hence, they could be trying to rid the North of the security forces through their Tamil political representatives so that they could establish control in the North. The Awa group is only a clear indication that formation of armed groups in the North is more than a mere possibility. Yet the Southern politicians downplay this threat by describing them as another underworld gang similar to those in the South. Yet it is clear that a proper leadership has still not been established in this gang.

A former LTTE cadre who is currently disabled due to an attack by the security forces in 2009 and living in Killinochchi said that Kumar Pathmanathan is a person who acted against the LTTE, while Karuna Amman and Pilleyan were those who betrayed the LTTE. He said they still consider Prabhakaran a god and if a leader who can give leadership to their cause emerges, there are many LTTE cadres who are willing to join. He gave grim assurance that there are still many who are committed to Prabhakaran’s Eelam dream.

He said seeing the war memorials and monuments in the North is only a reminder of their past and as a Government it is their responsibility to remove these memorials if they want the Tamil people to forget the past.

His words are a clear indication that if a leadership is established to direct their group, the LTTE is only a monster waiting to be resurrected. Hence, as a Government these incidents cannot be taken lightly or ignored, they must pay greater attention to these incidents and take measures to nip this scourge in the bud.

Ironically the Southern politicians have no knowledge on how they should view these incidents.

Hence they should pay more attention to the activities in the North than the South and also closely question those currently in police custody to obtain information from them in order to take measures to ensure that the past will never be repeated.


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  1. raj

    There are other views on these violence. Some people think that violent elements created among Tamils by the military during the last regime are still active and involve in antisocial activities and are responsible for most of the crimes happen in the North.

  2. Dr Van Nostrand

    Very good. I hope LTTE is resurrected and Sinhalas are taught a lesson. The Singhalese are vermin who should be exterminated

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