Attila ‘Chaos’

by Ryan Johnson


Attila is a metal core band from Atlanta, Georgia that used to be under a deathcore genre. However, in 2014, the band diverted from the extreme side, and started experimenting with more synthetic, hip-hop, and even EDM genres. The band formed in 2005 by Chris Fronzak, and the band has released six full length albums. From the six, the most successful album they have released that got them to where they are would be “About that Life” in 2013. It was released and produced by Joey Sturgis who has produced a lot of new generation metal core albums.

Last year on November 4th, Attila dropped their sixth studio album titled “Chaos” through SharpTone Records. The album has 11 tracks and is 37:36 seconds long. Which makes this album more fun to listen to, short and sweet. Not everyone likes the band nor likes the idea that they throw into the new generation of metal music. I really do dig the experimentation and the diversity that’s showed in the album. Attila is surly not EVERYONE’S favourite band to listen to, however the band has an enormous loyal fan base that supports them and follows their every move. The music they create is labelled as party music! Something a collage kid at a university would love to listen to at a frat party.

The first song of the album is titled “Ignite” and starts off with a huge nu-metal vibe. It reminds you of what Limb Bizkitwould do but with a heavier element.  The instrumentation layering isn’t complicated at all, but vocally it has a lot going on from word play rapping to growling which is quite cool to listen to. Track number two “Bullet Proof” has this old school numetal groove that was layered back in the early 2000s.  However, the song is catchy, and once again it focuses more on the vocal layering rather than on the instrumentation and lyricism that you would hear on this album. The main focus would be again the vocals because vocalist Chris “Fronz” has the ability to mash up hip-hop vocals and deathcore growls, and even sing in a very scratchy vocal pattern. Something, once again, you would hear in the early 2000s nu-meal genre. Attila does throw down the breakdowns as well from a melodic, EDM, and hip-hop vibe to a random yet fitting breakdown that will make you nod your head.

The album will grow on you and some won’t enjoy it, some will and say they don’t. I, however, liked the album- it grew on me. It has a big bowl of genres mashed up and Attila makes it work. It’s more of a fun album to listen to.



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