For The Starting Out Musicians

Sri Lanka’s filled with new talent, and every day you see online someone uploading a homemade video, and the amount of love that surrounds it… or not… sometimes. This is for those who do have the talent, who are doing something with it, and just want to take it higher. So let’s begin.

Number One: Connect with your fans.

You need to build a strong relationship with your fans. You know all those celebrities thanking fans? They really do mean it. Without fans, those people would be nothing. You need to connect. At the beginning, it helps to say ‘thanks’, or personally email. You might not feel like a big deal yet, but to your fans you are.  On stage as well, do not just do your job. Make eye contact, high five, or you could even do the ole’ point and wink.  If you know someone by name, say hello. Makes you feel a bit human and your friend will probably come again to see you perform.

Number Two: Play what you know.

This doesn’t mean do not experiment ever. This just means know what you are good at, focus on them. If you are a great vocalist, but can’t write lyrics to save your band, then don’t. Get a good writer. Do justice to those with your voice. This also means if you are really good at getting the crowd excited, and have awesome stage presence, then have more gigs. If you are good at making videos, and know how to edit, make a whole lot of them!

Number Three: Your Brand.

Your logo or your brand logo is everything. It’s okay if you keep changing your logo or your stage name at the beginning, but try to lock it down as soon as possible. People can’t keep up with you if you keep changing. Once you’ve grown a bit, or you think the old logo is not working out, go ahead and change, but let people know. Also try to get your logo properly designed. If you are doing something someone else is already using that will reflect on your music. If your brand identity is not original, how can your music be? Make it strong too. If someone sees it stamped on a wall, they’ll immediately think of you.

Number Four: Record Labels.

We live in a day and time when you can get to the world before you get signed up. Your career doesn’t necessarily start when you get signed up. Find gigs, find friends to promote, shamelessly put them on social media. Use music sites to your gain. Do not be shy. Then the labels will come.

Number Five: Work Your Butt Off.

You need to work really hard. We’ve all seen so many bands forming, but then the first thing they say is ‘no one wants to promote my music’ or ‘Oh it’s not going anywhere’. Most of the time, this is because you are not working hard. It’s true. You can disagree as much as you want here, but if a majority haven’t heard it, or think they’ve all heard it before, then you haven’t done your job. You cannot sit around waiting for good things to come to you. You cannot write five lines and expect a book deal. You cannot complain that you haven’t your 8 hours of sleep, or that you missed a meal. You’ll make sacrifices. There are some who have found their rhythm. They eat, sleep, work, socialise, and still manage to make music. Find them. Find how.


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