Inspiration Comes From Everything Around You

Interview with Nuha Hassan, animation designer and storyteller

Nuha Hassan is a recently graduated animation designer from AOD. Influenced by film greats like David Fincher, Wes Anderson and Quentin Tarantino, Nuha has an interesting approach to storytelling, through her preferred medium animation. Even before she found her path in animation, Nuha always had a keen interest in arts and crafts, drew cartoon characters and painted as a child.

An ardent storyteller, Nuha believes that one should never have to grow out of fairytales. She loves the work of Giambattista Basile, Neapolitan poet, cartier, and fairytale collector. His stories were dark and violent, which were perfect for Nuha whose personal style matches that. “Rosella, which is the name of the main character, is a young princess who falls in love with a prince, but she finds out that her father, The Sultan had kidnapped him and was using him to cure the Sultan’s disease. Rosella and the prince escape, but in the process her mother cast black magic on the prince to make him forget about Rosella the minute he sets foot in Fonte-Chiaro. Rosella made an in order to pay the debt of gratitude. She asked three barons to a palace on three different nights. They would gift her a thousand ducats (coins) each. The King of Fonte-Chiaro, the prince’s father heard about Rosella and summoned her to the palace and she explained what she had done on behalf of the prince. Rosellsa threw a ring that bound the love between her and the prince. It fell into the prince’s finger and his memories returned. I animated this story thinking of young adults, who enjoyed this genre, which is thriller. It is a title sequence so the idea was to bring elements or inanimate objects in the short story and tease the audience. Symbolism was an important part of the story. I chose the elements in the story to convey the message in the opening title sequence.”

Among the most challenging parts of the project for Nuha, was how she was going to visualise the story in the opening title. It had to be eye-catching, it needed to match the tone and mood of the short story itself. “In order to do that I had to take visual inspiration from Game of Thrones, Tyrant, Penny Dreadful and so on, to get a sense of how I wanted the opening title to look like. From the light and camera movements, to how detailed the objects had to be in order to show the aesthetics of the elements.”

For Nuha, the most fun part of a project like this, is creating and modelling the objects in 3D. She enjoys how characters in her mind become real on the digital screen, weaving stories into reality. “The best thing about being a designer is seeing the project that you worked for about a year or as long as you have been working on it come to life and seeing the end result of it. There is no better feeling than that.”

She finds that inspiration comes from everything around you. Whether it’s from movies, architecture, patterns or even from your own life. “Your surroundings can be one of the many inspirations that you can have to become a creative/designer. That is my interpretation of what design is.”


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