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President confident unity Government will continue

President Maithripala Sirisena on Wednesday said he is confident the unity Government will continue until 2020.

Sirisena told local newspaper editors that despite attempts by the opposition to topple his Government he will ensure it remains till his term in office ends.

Sirisena, who heads the Sri Lanka Freedom Party is under pressure to withdraw from the agreement with the United National Party.

His refusal to do so has led to a rift in the Sri Lanka Freedom Party with some members threatening to leave and join the opposition.

Sirisena said that there are divisions within any political party and the degree of the rift changes from time to time.

He said that charges against violation of party discipline are being studied and action would be taken after completion of investigations.

Sirisena said he is dedicated and committed to build the Sri Lanka Freedom Party as a clean, unstained, uncorrupt and principled party that provides leadership to the nation through honest and dedicated politicians.

“The people in the country yearn for unstained politicians and my determination is to ensure that the Sri Lanka Freedom Party is a party that provides such politicians to make the people’s dream a reality,” he said.

Asked about the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) resolution on Sri Lanka, President Sirisena said that the government would continue to implement the agreed terms.

“It is a slow process and we cannot have speedy solutions. However we have categorically stated that the government would implement those clauses while safeguarding the sovereignty and independence and only the steps that are compatible to the country would be taken,” he said. (Colombo Gazette)

3 Comments for “President confident unity Government will continue”

  1. mr president your government is not steady,UNHUR it is not slow but you are not doing anything same like former president mr Rajapaska ,number of corruption and murder cases former minister of justice did nothing he supporting crimes and corruption what is prime minister is doing next local government loose,

    • Surath

      We know that you are genuine and an honest Leader ,frankly Mr President
      you are Statesman and True Patriot,we need your and the Young UNP
      group action[the honest group,such as Sujjeewa Swnasinghe,Ranjan Ramanaike,the Young Harin Fernando, Dr Harsha De Silva etcetc]
      and certaily not Ranil Wickremasighe,as he suppoets Mahendra in the curruption charges,we also know his Dealings with Paskaralingham
      to rip the poor mans money
      Mr President get the Young group for the action,we dont need the filthy Ranil wickremamasinghe any more,he is considered currupt now

  2. Mr.President, there is no doubt in any body’s mind that you are an honest politician. There are some honest and genuine politicians in both side. However, today those who were involved in corruption from the previous government is attacking you with the help of some media. today we all are living happily without white van syndrome. Yes, we do agree we have economical problem largely due to heavy borrowing by the previous regime. You need to explain this to the people so that they can understand the situation. Sadly you are not using your power to expose these criminals and punish them severely. .

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