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US says Sri Lanka key partner in Trump’s strategy for South Asia

The United States considers Sri Lanka as an important partner in South Asia and would continue to extend whatever possible assistance.

United States Acting Assistant Secretary of State, Alice Wells said that US President Donald Trump finalized the new strategy programme for South Asia and the Pacific Region and Sri Lanka is prominent among the partners of the US in this region.

She said Sri Lanka has been listed for assistance under the US Government foreign aid agency, Millennium Challenge Corporation in the near future.

Wells also praised the progress made by Sri Lanka under the leadership of President Maithripala Sirisena in the democratic reforms and reconciliation process. She said that the US highly appreciates the “ambitious reforms agenda and historic steps towards reconciliation boldly undertaken by President Sirisena.”

She said that the US would continue to extend fullest support to Sri Lanka’s development process and reconciliation.

The United States Acting Assistant Secretary of State expressed appreciation over the progress made by Sri Lanka in many areas such as transitional justice, communal amity, constitutional reforms, development and peace and stability. (Colombo Gazette)

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  1. Trevor Jayetileke

    The US has remained our “FRIEND IN NEED AND DEED” for a long long time.
    Though a lot of water has flowed under the Bridge in the recent past our ‘Bond” has remained intact over the sands of time. Its gratifying to note that the new US President who came into office in January 2017 with all his gaffe which is akin to his persona and style is mindful of that fact and is appreciative of it. Though he has thrown away the Transpacific Partnership (TPP) Sri Lanka remains his Asian Pivot. CHINDIA may be the Big Picture for Sri Lanka in the “Asian Century” because of our ‘JANUS’ like Geography and the changing dynamics of the Asia Pacific region. But we must be grateful to the US that has maintained PEACE ans STABILITY in our region since WW2 and thereby helped the rise of countries like Japan, South Korea and finally CHINA, all who are locked in the South China Sea from seeking the the riches of the Western World which dominated the World Economy up to now and
    US Pacific Command has been the main contributor to the Rise of the East.
    With President Donald Trump in Office SRI LANKA can breath a Sign of Relief now. A certain Evangelist I have listened to personally in Houston,TX on two occasions (2010 and 2014) in the quest of OIL, says that TRUMP that we assume is very brash and verbose outwardly is quintessentially GOOD as Gold., and that means a lot to Sri Lanka that has been a Underdog of this World since defeating Terrorism in 2009.

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