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“I Have An Economic Solution For Sri Lanka”

By Easwaran Rutnam

A top businessman says he has a solution to address Sri Lanka’s economic woes and will look to contest the 2020 Presidential elections and implement his plans, if he wins.

Rohan Pallewatta, Executive Chairman at Lanka Harness Company Pvt. Ltd, told The SundayLeader that he is already preparing himself to contest the polls.

Pallewatta will be facing heavyweights in the political arena if he goes ahead with his decision to contest the polls.

However he says he is confident he will be able to win the election and lead the country towards economic success.

“Sri Lanka’s debt crisis is a result of poor foreign policy,” he said.

Pallewatta said he does not endorse the decision taken by the government to give the Hambantota port to China and the Mattala airport to India.

He also said that a think-tank operating under him is in the process of studying the government’s 2025 vision.

“We will agree with anything which is good for the country and oppose what is bad,” he said and added that he hoped to contest the 2020 election through his own political party.

Pallewatta also denied claims that he was attempting to ride on the success of Donald Trump, who won the US Presidential election as a businessman with no political background.

7 Comments for ““I Have An Economic Solution For Sri Lanka””

  1. Eng.M.V.R.Perera

    He Can Succeed only if the present government give up their addition to solar power which can be shown to be a colossal waste of public funds and go for BOT coal fueled projects as base load and economical Hydro as peaking power and agree with the the 55 rti information requested by me and one of them being the invalidation of the Hambantota port agreement for the following reasons not calling for international bids, if there is plenty of BOT coal fueled electricity there can be 4 power stations of 3×300 Mw at hambantota, and according to article 157 of our constitution it is illegal, also one of the 55 rti information to address the laws delay is to compel the supreme court to act in accordance to article 126 (5) of our constitution which states the supreme court shall complete proceedings within 2months of filling a petition and spreading it to lower courts

    • Welcome to the HOUSE OF FOOLS.

      You may not agree with the leasing of the two projects, then why did you not object to the projects themselves?

      Sea erosion is rampant on the South Western coastal belt. Now await it on the South Eastern coastal belt.

  2. He will be another Ranil W . Only theories no work

  3. Shermith Fernando

    Congratulations! Will help you defiantly as a business persons. Wish you all the best and I would like to encourage you. I’ll take you in my personal prayers too. Because God appoint kings,according to the Holy Bible.

    Kind Blessings

  4. ranjit demel

    another joker.

  5. Nimal

    My solution is
    Get rid of corruption at all levels and punish the guilty.
    Ban politicians hoodwinking us going to temples.
    Make the country secular.

  6. punchinilame

    Introduce capital punishment for corruption valued over Rs. ten million. China
    does it. The lower rungs will follow. Look at the Immigration Dept. jointly work
    on a fee of USD 350 per Dual citizenship applicant. They have already made
    a sum of Rs.25 Million on say 500 applicants, the minimum. among 25,000
    granted DC so far (?) shared among a Group, who could be easily hauled. The Cont. IT and DCs could be all well involved.

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