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SLFP MPs To Meet MS Individually And Split

by Indika Sri Aravinda

A group of Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) Parliamentarians are to meet President Maithripala Sirisena individually over the next few days and sit as independent members in Parliament.

Deputy Minister and SLFP member Duleep Wijesekera said that he and a few other SLFP members are to meet the President individually as opposed to one group.

Earlier, at least 20 SLFP members of the government were to split but now it is understood that only a few will cross. Among the SLFP parliamentarians set to meet the President over the next few days are Nimal Lanza and T. B. Ekanayake.

Former Deputy Minister Arundika Fernando told The Sunday Leader that while there was a decision earlier that some SLFP members will leave the government as one group, it has now been decided that they will meet the President individually and discuss their concerns before leaving the government.

He said that no one has an intention of toppling the government yet most SLFP members are unable to work with the United National Party.

He also said that there is no chance at this moment of President Maithripala Sirisena and former President Mahinda Rajapaksa working together.

6 Comments for “SLFP MPs To Meet MS Individually And Split”

  1. Frustrated Voter

    President Sirisena has to clean up the SLFP and get rid of the noted rogues and kudu mudalalies who are presently in the Party.This will bring benefits to the Party and attract the clean UNPers who are fed up with the. Leadership and want good governance.The JVP and others who are promoting anti- corruption and clean
    governance will surely support the President in this endeavour. The country is fed up with the corrupt politicians of both the former regime and even the present one.

  2. sarath

    Pl let the rouges to leave, and keep the genuine members with MS.

  3. Remember, during MR’s time he bought few UNPers for money to have majority. MS also can do the same thing. What we need is a staple government till 2020. At the same time I want MS to be firm on certain thing. He has to ensure corrupt free government. I am not saying UNPers are better than MR’s lot when it come to corruption. But there are few young MPs who are free from corruption. MS should encourage these youngsters to work hard for their future. I can name few Ranjan Ramanayake, Harsha Silva and Managala. Of course RW is a corrupt free leader, but sadly he is not strong. What we need is strong leader to take our country forward.

  4. Who ever who leaves doesn’t matter , and it’s good for the country’s future . When those who leaves the good will stays with the government . When you see the names of those who cross over can see , about their corruptions . One of those are leading Nimal lanza, the whole country knows about him , doing drug business by ruining the generations and involves with religious matters and giving donations to show the people that he is a clean politician , this is one out of others . Their are more like [ Raththaran] ect… Hopes this happens because of the country’s future is fruitful and bright , that the people can live peace and happy as a developed nation .

  5. SLFP and UNP joined operation is time has came to separate for Ranil and mr Srinana are not going through it difficult face election in the same flat form. last three years what they told not done one hundred program was baseless. former government criminal was supported by mr Ranil he is a cheater the public, next election his party has no place,

  6. president you want mr Ranil FOX or SLFP members it better to leave UNP party for good other wise you will regards in future,

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