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The Rise Of Exeloume

by Ryan Johnson


Hailing from Norway is a heavy hitting act named Exeloume. The band first started out in 2007 and quickly released their first demo in 2008 titled “The Longest Shadow”. The band didn’t stop there, following up, they released a second demo in early 2010. Exeloume has been a driving force to be recon with inspired by bands such a Metallica, Slayer and from their home, Equinox.

Initially, Exeloume didn’t really step outside too far from the Death/Thrash Pentagram. Sticking to their roots of Old school/ Modern flare with speedy riffing that will warm the hearts of everyone. They are also a band that’s growing and experimenting outside the box with the technical side as well.

Exeloume has released a full-length album in 2011 titled “Fairytale Of Perversion” – the album was mixed and mastered by Dan Swano who has played for big names in the metal industry such as BloodBath, Katatonia, and Novembers Doom. He is also a guest musician on one of the tracks. That’s not all, the band features legendary guitarist Andy LaRoque of King Diamond, and he played guitars on Death’s 1993 album, ‘Individual Thought Patterns’. Andy LaRogue is also a special guest on this album. The album shows some phenomenal riffing and layering on each track.

Exeloume last record was in 2013, a four tracked EP titled ‘Return Of The Nephilim’. The EP was different to the full-length album they produced as it had more of a technical side to it. With acoustic guitars coming into play, and the changes in between the riffs, took me back to the early 90s of the death metal era, the EP was brilliant. Currently, the band is working on releasing a new album and I had the chance to catch up with them.

How did you guys meet and come up with the name ‘Exeloume’?

Alessandro and I met ten years ago, when we wanted to form a band together. The first demo had a different line-up, but by the time it was released, the second demo was almost ready featuring the same line-up as the debut album. We shared our rehearsal room with Andrè, Oystein was on top of our list for singers, Johnny played together with Alessandro in Manifest, so it came together quite easy.

The name was just something I took from an album with Diamanda Galas. I guess we though a simple word starting with ‘Ex’ was thrash enough, hehe.

What band or artist inspired you guys to be musicians?

I can only speak for myself, but my urge to play guitar was very much because of three bands; Equinox (a Norwegian thrash band, check out ‘Auf Wiedersehen’ on YouTube), Metallica and Slayer. In ’88-’89 I got my first guitar and started to learn songs by Metallica and Slayer. In ’90 I formed my first band, and I’ve been doing that since. These days I’m not listening much to thrash anymore, much more fan of death metal, and the old-school from the early ’90 is still my favourite.

Your last release was in 2013 ‘Return of the Nephilim’ Ep, the record was different to your full-length release in 2011 ‘Fairytale of Perversion.’ The EP was more technical instrumentally. How was the writing process for ‘Return of the Nephilim’ like?

This band is always struggling, because everyone is very busy. Those songs on the EP was only meant to be recorded as a pre-production, but since we saw that the next album where far away in the future, we decided to release it as an EP to buy us some time. The writing process was very much the same as on the first album, just writing riffs we like, and then trying to make songs out of it. Oystein wrote ‘Son of Euphrates’, I wrote the other three. We are leaning more and more towards death metal, so maybe that’s why it sounds more technical?


It has been four years now. Any plans of releasing a new full length or EP this year or in the future?

The new album is long overdue, yes. Four of us have small kids, and we’re not able to pay everything from our own pockets anymore. We have to find other ways to pay sfor the recording. Last year we recorded drums for the next album, twelve tracks. Sadly, we encountered alot of problems since then, so we haven’t done anything more with it. Hopefully we’ll find a solution soon.


Lyrically what inspires you to write?

War, terror, death, torture, dictators, religion, cults, serial killers. The world is full of horrible stuff that inspire us.


Future plans?

We want to finish that album! Hopefully we’ll get back on our feet, so we can play a few shows too.



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