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HRC Issues Summons For Urgent Meeting On Rohingya Incident

The Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission has called for an urgent meeting tomorrow with several Ministries to discuss the incident involving Rohingya refugees.

The Cultural Affaies Ministry, Justice Ministry, Foreign Ministry, Ministry of Prison Reforms, Rehabilitation, Resettlement and the Ministry of Law and Order are among the institutions summoned for the meeting tomorrow.

The Police Department, Prisons Department and the local representatives of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) have also been called for the meeting.

Chairperson of the Commission Deepika Udagama told The Sunday Leader that the Human Rights Commission will compile a report following the meeting and submit it to the government.

The Colombo Crimes Division (CCD) was on Thursday ordered to investigate the incident in Mount Lavinia involving Rohingya refugees.

On Tuesday, a group led by monks protested outside a shelter housing 31 refugees  most of them women and children, who had been rescued by the Sri Lankan Navy from a boat in Sri Lankan waters in April this year.The refugees were eventually evacuated to safety by the authorities.

In Sri Lanka, the presence of refugees and asylum-seekers is authorised by the government.


8 Comments for “HRC Issues Summons For Urgent Meeting On Rohingya Incident”

  1. Frustrated Voter

    The emergence of more and more new groups formed by thugs in robes has become a problem for the Government and the country !
    It is high time the Government introduces new legislation to ban all these fanatical
    elements in the name of religion. present amongst the Buddhists, Muslims and others.It is not incorrect to compare their behavior to that of animals,

  2. Do not Cringe to HRC. Who accepted the refugees to Sri Lanka. Parliament did not let the people know about this secret deal between the government and the HRC.
    Keep Buddhism away from this present problem . do not use mischievous words to hit at Buddhists only. This does not happen in a democracy only where there is dictatorship

  3. gamarala

    HRC is powerless against “saffron thugs”.
    Not one has been arrested yet.

  4. Naga Ramalingam

    Our Buddhist monks’ despicable acts of hate against these Muslim refugees is inimical to the image of Sri Lanka. At a time when our country is trying to clear its name from being a intolerant and hateful, these acts come as shock to everyone.

  5. Human right issue a summon minister relevant to monks criminal activities, meeting are eye wash srilanka are play double game, they to never respect law and order ,Vitiga murder case in Jaffna, was did by three judges were wonderful. & accused were sent to jail for live time and compaction to by accused 70000 thousand to the parents of the lesion for rest of the srilankan judges ,and politicians

  6. tomsam

    First convict those responsible ,including the pakse thugs for the genocide of eelam tamils;then play your political ,international game of going after muslim/Hindu refugees from burma.

  7. CID investigation will go under the carpet the minister are playing double game with HUMAN right commission ,and buhhist monks, monks must put in proper place it not there work ,unemployed buhhist joined the buhhist monks has a easy live , free food ,win and women

  8. N.Wijeratne

    Its time the Buddhist Hierachy made some effort to standardise a code of conduct for the BUddhist clergy who are all over the place except looking after Buddhism-

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