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Air Force To Purchase 18 New Aircraft

by Indika Sri Aravinda

The Sri Lanka Air Force is planning to purchase 18 new aircraft, including fighter jets, passenger planes and transport planes. Air Force spokesperson, Group Captain Gihan Seneviratne said the new aircraft will meet the requirements which existed over the past five years.

He said that some of the existing aging aircraft had to be replaced to meet the modern day requirements. Seneviratne said that an open international tender has been called to purchase the new aircraft. He also said that some planes need spare parts and the costs of these spare parts are too high. The Air Force spokesperson noted that the security situation in Sri Lanka has seen a major change.

He says the Air Force now needs planes to be used for maritime security.  Sri Lanka had earlier purchased aircraft for the Air Force from the United States, China, UK, Russia and Ukraine.

Seneviratne said that some countries had made offers for the new tender and the Air Force will take a final decision after carefully studying the offers.

The Sri Lanka Air Force played a crucial role during the fight against the LTTE by bombing key targets and assisting ground troops. Following the end of the war the Air Force shifted its focus on commercial operations by using some of its aircraft for passenger transportation.

5 Comments for “Air Force To Purchase 18 New Aircraft”

  1. Why not let the Air Force run Sri Lankan Airlines. It will cut costs and stop losses, and even bring in profits. The personnel will acquire advanced knowledge and experience of running and handling commercial aircraft. They can rotate the ground and flight crew periodically and will give more of them an opportunity to improve and advance their knowledge and experience.

  2. S B Lokuge

    Some crooks are going to get pretty soon.

  3. Dadaddaaggyaggydaaggyddddsd

    Nothing for Sri lankan.
    What is the rationale here ??

  4. Ranjan Fernando

    Are we getting ready to wage war against another country?
    There are so many glaring needs in the land for health care, Education, water supply and shelter!
    I cannot understand how any intelligent head of state could allocate funds for warfare with such pressing needs?

  5. navy chief going to loose his post not approving purchase of that old ship from USSR so air force chief will not do that mistake.
    sure we sri lanka need new planes and ships worth of million $ next war is looming .
    ara maduwaligen thamay apita thalanna oni munta chandaye dunnata

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