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Water Runs Dry In Thabbowa

by Ashanthi Warunasuriya

Due to the drought affecting many areas of the country, many people are suffering without waterfor drinking and their daily requirements. Among the districts most affected by the drought is the Puttalam district and the people of the Karuwalagaswewa village are facing untold hardships.

Currently there are around 100 families living in the KaruwalagaswewaHorapalana area who are suffering the worst effects of the drought.

To fulfil their water requirements the Disaster Management centre has provided each household with a water tank each through the Karuwalagaswewa District Secretariat. However, the villagers allege that they have not taken any measures to fill these tanks with water.

Even the main Thabbowa tank in the area that fulfils the water requirement of the village has now dried up making it impossible to obtain any water from it even for drinking purposes.

The Thabbowa tank has a capacity of around 15,000 cubic acres (AkkaraAdi) of water but it has now dwindled to around 20 cubic acres.

The villagers in this village are poverty stricken and live with the bare necessities. However now being hit by the drought, they are unable to even carry out their cottage industries that earned them a meagre living to barely cover their day to day expenses. Moreover, they are facing untold hardships without water for drinking, cooking and their hygienic requirements. Due to the drop in water levels, the water that is available in the tanks is muddied and many of the residents, especially the children are experiencing numerous stomach ailments after consuming the muddy water. Even though they boil the water, still they cannot get rid of the muddiness and they strain this water using cloth several times over before they use it for drinking purposes.

However, no matter how much they strain this water, it is impossible to obtain clean water and the water they eventually use for drinking and cooking is still quite murky.

These residents of Karuwalagaswewa are truly those facing the brunt of the drought and all they want from the authorities is to provide them some solace and resolve this water problem.

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  1. Govt. should construct more and more NELUM KULUNAS ,NELUM POKUNAS and INTERNATIONAL CRICKECT STAIUMS AND CONFERENCE HALLS in all districts in the country!! Moreover all cricket matches and other outdoor game should be played D/N method using massive amounts of electrical energy in spite of the availability of 12 hours bright sunlight in this country!! May God bless this island!!!

  2. The irony is that during the long drought period the government and responsible authorities should have taken steps to de-silt the tanks which have noticed to have reduced their holding capacity, and importantly, in a scientific way. Some who have won such tenders are noticed to have done shoddy work and the tanks could see the silt washing back.

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