Duminda Told To Wear Spectacles

by Ashanthi Warunasuriya

Eye specialists have determined that Duminda Silva should be wearing eye glasses to enable him to see well mainly due to his age, being over 40. This was determined after he was taken to the Colombo Eye Hospital last week. Duminda Silva, a former MP, was taken to the Colombo Eye Hospital due to complaints of poor eyesight. He is currently receiving treatment at the Prison Hospital as he has been taken seriously ill.

When asked about allegations that this was an attempt to have Duminda Silva transferred to a private hospital, his sister Dilini Anne de Silva told the media that there was no attempt whatsoever to have her brother transferred, but added that while Duminda Silva was still in a serious condition having received two bullet injuries to his head and still having bullet fragments in his brain, he is still being harassed while in hospital by those seeking political vengeance. She pointed out that he was being treated at the Prison Hospital under minimal facilities, adding that despite his predicament there was no intention of trying to transfer him to another hospital.

However, despite claims that his condition is being exaggerated, it was reported that his condition in fact was serious. He had also experienced breathing difficulties recently and had to be treated and is said to be breathing with the aid of a breathing device. Under his current condition, there is no dispute of the fact that he requires constant medical attention. Having being shot in the head, it has been determined by a nine member medical team that he does require constant medical attention as he had sustained serious injuries to his head. He is currently serving a death sentence over the Kolonnawa shooting incident where MP Bharatha Lakshman was shot and killed.

Based on an earlier court order by the Colombo Magistrate’s Court regarding Duminda Silva’s medical condition, the report drawn up by a nine member panel of doctors of the Colombo national hospital, was presented to the Colombo Additional Magistrate G.A.R. Attigala with the signature of the Deputy Health Services Director General Dr Anil Jasinghe. According to that report he does require a breathing device to assist in his breathing.

The report details that there are still fragments of his shattered scull and bullet fragments embedded in his brain. This has resulted in some swelling of his brain. The report also determines that there is no discrepancy between the CT scan report done in Singapore, while he was being treated there earlier and the report issued by the team of doctors attached to the Colombo national hospital. The report further points out that due to the extensive damage caused to his skull and brain, there is a possibility of his developing other complications.

No matter what the situation is, a patient always has the right to receive treatment for an illness or ailment, which is a basic human right. Hence it cannot be denied to anyone, even if they are serving jail terms. In fact it is a right and not a privilege. No matter what the general opinion is or the crime a person has committed, no one has the right to deny anyone the right to receive medical treatment, said the former Commissioner General of the Human Rights Council Dr Prathibha Mahanamahewa. He pointed out that especially in an instance where medical advice has been given that a patient needs certain treatment or care, it is a right of a person to receive that care irrespective of their social standing or situation they are in.

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  1. mike

    Two bullet injuries to his head? My foot! This bugger is in death row and as to when he will be hanged remains to be seen!

  2. Vijitha

    In fact these are the mild illness every body is having. Sister of Duminda always refers to the fact that he has had bullet injuries. Many of our brave soldiers who battled the ethnic war have sustained lethal injuries and they are now functioning as normal citizens. Take for example look at Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka. who faced a bomb explosion where he almost died. Now he is having a normal life.
    I beg Hon President to impliment death sentence against globlins like Duminda Silva who is trying to play fool with the law

  3. jayadeva

    Good case for the imposition of the death penalty, as it will put the suffering convict out his misery!!!!

  4. kudson

    its a spectacle allright

  5. Richard

    What is the right to receive medical treatment for one ‘sentenced to death’? Does it mean one has to be in good health to be executed? What is the point HRC is making?

  6. Aku

    How convenient… A man who was enjoyed prison life in hospital and was not sick is now getting all kinds of sicknesses… Are these the Padeniya clan doctors???

  7. Wera

    Do all convicted murders serving a jail sentence with the death penalty get this type of treatment. He has no ailment that cannot be cured by letting his sentence be carried out. All media rubbish boosted by his brother.

  8. Redna

    If that is the case, he should be hanged by his testicles which will prevent the need for spectacles!

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