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Presidential Commission Will Not Grill PM

The Presidential Commission investigating the alleged Treasury bond scam will not question Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

Secretary of the Commission Sumathipala Udugamasuriya told The Sunday Leader that the written affidavit submitted by the Prime Minster to the Commission related to the Treasury bond issue is sufficient.

He said that when the Commission convenes on November 2nd, statements will be recorded from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID).

Udugamasuriya said the Commission will later decide if it needs to have more hearings or has sufficient information to submit its report on the alleged scam.

He asserted that the Presidential Commission investigating the alleged Treasury bond scam is keen to complete its inquiries and submit its final report at the earliest.                                              (ISA)

6 Comments for “Presidential Commission Will Not Grill PM”

  1. Dadaddaaggyaggydaaggyddddsd

    Why not ? Its common knowledge that he is the Mastermind behind this scam. Moreover, it was PM who appointed Mahendran as the CB Governor against norms.
    It is evident this scam was pre meditated.

    Furthermore, publish the questionnaire send to the PM and his answers that contained in Affidavit.

    PM is a dishonest thief robbing people’s money. It is understood it was Sirisena who appointed Ranil as PM and not the people.
    So why should the PM care for the people and the country…

  2. This itself is proof to the fact that the political heavyweights are considered above the law in this kind of BANANA REPUBLICS and the naivety of the judiciary.

  3. gamarala

    Why not – if he has nothing to hide?
    All are equal before the law.
    If this is allowed, many others will demand same in future – even the entire parliament.

  4. Lima


  5. bandula

    No Way. Country leaders cannot be ridiculed on suspicions on political matters. Lets move on to make us a great country

  6. Swamy

    If you want to win the Presidential and Parliamentary elections to form a government in Sri Lanka, there are two key requirements. a) Support of Tamil speaking political party leadership b) Enormous amount of Money; few billions of rupees. RANIL knows this very well. That is why he is the master-executioner of the ploy to introduce a New Constitution (that will ensure the bagging of Support of Tamil speaking political leadership) and CB’s bonds scam to ensure that there will be few billions for the campaign. My dear readers remember, he is the Master executioner but Master brain is staying very close to him. He plotted this plan with his master brain nearly 48 years ago. They are yet to realize the goal. Therefore, the powerful duo (Master executioner and master brain)will avoid facing the presidential commission very nicely at any cost.

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