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Arjuna Questions Government Silence On State Of Cricket

Former Test Cricket Captain Arjuna Ranatunga questioned the government silence on the state of cricket in the country.

He stressed that the continuation of the current disaster prevailing in Sri Lanka Cricket will result in Sri Lanka losing the ICC cricket World cup in 2019.

“There is no possibility of the Sri Lanka team coming out victorious during the upcoming India series. The ICC has mentioned in their press release that the Sri Lanka team qualified for the ICC world cup in 2019 not because of their performances, but because of luck. It’s still uncertain if Sri Lanka will be able to go to the second round,” he said.

Ranatunga said that while he does not intend to underestimate the cricketers, there was no skillful administration to administer the cricket team.

“I predict that if the current situation continues we will be ruined in the world cup in 2019. The 2019 world cup will be held in England which is not an easy place for us to play. I’m not sure whether there are skilled authorities to instruct our fast bowlers how to play in England,” he said.

He also said that everyone knows Sri Lanka cricket is administered by gamblers except the Minister of Sports.

“The Government and the Minister of Sports are silent about this chaos. I regret of being unable to take any decision despite being in the Government. Even though I have informed this to the President, The Prime Minister and Minister of Sports, they have not provided a well-chosen solution yet. This Government is the only Government who are waiting till cricket is destroyed in the country. Cricket is like a religion in Sri Lanka. People will point their finger at me, because I am in this Government,” Minister Arjuna Ranatunga said.

3 Comments for “Arjuna Questions Government Silence On State Of Cricket”

  1. Sri Lankan

    Cricket loving public in SL are now fed up of continuously listening to Arjuna’s
    cries. It’s better he gives up wailing.

  2. Johar Preena

    Hello Arjuna Ranatunga, This country is going from Hell to Hell fire may this be a reality. I need you to get the government to probe into the Football federation of Sri Lanka. I have sent numerous letters of the crimes and frauds committed by the federation and the last being the Treasurer has swindled almost 28 million rupees and the irony is that the Cope inquired and no action taken what a sad state of affairs. I have played the game of soccer at the highest level I just cannot understand what the hell is happening to this administration of football and the end game is heading.

  3. david strange

    Dear Mr.Ranatunga – politicians are called to do politics not “play cricket” of course you wouldnt understand that would you – do what you have to do by running a clean establishment and let the cricket board do what they have to – gona.

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