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CPA Strongly Rejects Statement By Bellanwila Wimalaratne Thero

The Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) strongly rejected claims made by the Venerable Bellanwila Wimalaratne Thero.

Addressing a conference of Bikkhus at the Dhammikaramaya in Ratmalana on the proposed new constitution, the Venerable Thero stated that CPA and its Executive Director Dr. Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu are behind “constitutional courts” and are “pumping” the constitutional reform process with “NGO money”. A report to this effect was also published in the Lankadeepa newspaper on 1st November 2017.

“CPA strongly rejects the statement made by the Venerable Thero. His comments unfortunately associate him with the extremist opponents of the constitutional reform process. These extremists have labelled supporters of a new constitution “traitors”, threatened them with death and called for Parliament to be bombed if a new constitution is passed by its members. In this context, CPA is appalled and saddened by these remarks of such a highly respected member of the Sangha,” CPA said in a statement.

CPA also notes that the Venerable Thero does not produce any evidence in respect of the allegations made against CPA and its Executive Director’s purported role in the constitutional reform process. Accordingly, CPA regrets to have to state that such remarks by such a personage are alarmingly irresponsible and even inflammatory.

“Our shock and sadness in this regard are compounded by the fact that the Venerable Thero made a deeply respected contribution to our ‘Never Again’ public interest television campaign in 2008 marking the 25th anniversary of Black July, the central message of which was non-violence and peaceful coexistence amongst all the peoples of our country,” CPA said.

In keeping with its non-partisan organisational mandate, CPA has engaged in strengthening good governance and democracy in Sri Lanka since its inception in 1996. CPA will continue to work on research and advocacy to build broad public support for a new constitution.

CPA fervently hopes that the public debate on the new constitution can be carried out without misinformation, insinuations and threats of violence, which are all reminiscent of the recent past. We believe our country needs a new constitution that meets the aspirations of all of its peoples and comprehensively rejects the politics of hurt, harm and hate. We strongly appeal to our fellow citizens, politicians and all religious leaders to engage in and lead an informed, responsible and constructive debate on this pivotal issue.

15 Comments for “CPA Strongly Rejects Statement By Bellanwila Wimalaratne Thero”

  1. Swamy

    Hello Paikia, shut the bucket now when cat is out of the bag. NGO money will not achieve what Portuguese, Dutch and British couldn’t do to Sri Lanka. Enjoy the free ride and free whisky for now.

    • Richard

      Swamy, not that the British ‘COULDN’T ‘ do it but they ‘DIDN’T ‘ do it. Today, all the monks think its their right to engage themselves in politics and expect the govt follow their ‘orders’. This I believe is the result of all our politicians ‘belly crawling’ to Kandy to report on all their political decisions over the years. THIS IS THE REASON THEY FEAR THEY WILL LOSE THEIR “FOREMOST PLACE” IN A NEW CONSTITUTION.

    • robert

      Dear Swamy
      what is the point in personal attack? You prove nothing by demeaning other than yourself.
      Also, will you be happy to see another blood bath 25 years. With the way the world is moving it will be very rich and military powers who will ruling the world. No Buddhist monks! Not Sinhalese! Not Tamils! Or even your son!

      • Swamy

        Hi Robert ;

        Dream on fellow.It is not a personal attack at all. Sri Lanka, her people, her culture her values are dear to me . However, since the British have left we have been hoodwinked by a bunch of criminals in the parliament.We have to be vigilant about the fellows like Ranil, Chandrika, Jayampathy, and their cohorts such as Paikia, Laksiri and Paul etc..We must ensure that they will never succeed in their grand schemes designed to achieve their personal and collective dirty objectives. Do not attack Venerable Thero and other Maha Sangha (messengers) look at the message objectively.

  2. Malin

    Should we go back to the past LTTE period where PS of CPA was a staunch supporter of LTTE terrorist group who wanted two third of the country?

  3. Lal Silva

    Real traitors are the ones who betray the poor ignorant masses and minority of the country. I don’t mean minorities as minority communities, but other second of society who are powerless because of lack of resources and wealth. They are children, elders, sick, handicapped people, women etc. We need a modern constitution to look after people who don’t have access to power through democracy. Democracy gives power to the majority. Democracy is a crude method of sharing power. A modern constitution should fine-tune it. All of us should get out of the heal whole now we are in.

  4. Dadaddaaggyaggydaaggyddddsd

    Mr. Pakayasothy Saravanamuththu, there is no smoke without a fire.
    This learned priest of the Bellanwila Temple is no ordinary Incumbant.

    It appears CPA & Sothy have finally met their waterloo.

    PS now push your baila partner CBK to accquire the Bellanwila Temple or else you are in trouble.

  5. Today srilanka bad to worse in education , economic, legal system, increase in crime, corruption, murders, srilanka monks in politics,, group SLFP and other in UNP.yellow rope monks please go away from politics, it is against the Buddhism,, Buddhism is a philosophy not a religion it is the way of live honest honorable please do not fool the public, some politician are the main cause, there personal political motive,

  6. Gos

    ‘Never Again’ about black July ?? And nothing about 30yr LTTE terrorist attacks ??? Ha ha ha. And no mention of what triggered back July – that it was the slaughter of 13 soldiers by the Tamil terrorists. Aney Paikiasoththy thoththa babo don’t cry for lost Eeeeeeeeeeelam !!!

  7. Terry

    This PS enjoying high life by trading SL for LTTE Handouts. This traitor should be not allowed to do any more harm to SL. I was watching this traitor a long time selling anything SL to NGO money and pretending a defende. His rotten CPA should stuck into his backside as his superimo Praba. Shame

  8. W M Fernando

    All peoples aspirations including a separate country for LTTE sympathizers will be the Pakias final target ?

  9. bruine

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  10. Eng.M.V.R.Perera

    Get rid of segregated schools by making English the medium of instruction from kindergarten upwards also get the assistance of the British Council to make all Sri Lankans including our representative in parliament proficient in English . Also Support all Buddhist organizations and the people of our Country who are claiming from our government the rights they were given at the Kandyan Convention which has not being full filed by our government while in New Zealand a Similar agreement called Waitangi Agreement is being full filed by the New Zealand government by giving to the Maoris back their land and their fishing rights and is the subject matter in their schools while in our schools I am not aware whether Ceylon History is taught in our schools. It is because of Ceylon History being taught in our school during colonial time I came to Know of the Kandyan Convention . Why have a change in the constitution when it can be amendment our constitution has been amended only about 21 times but the Indian Constitution has been amended over 200 times even with such amendments the death due to communal violence averages over 3 per day let this not happen to our Country because of the 13th amendment which was forced down our throats by India by the so called Indo Sri Lanka agreement of 1978 which we Sri Lankans should never forgive or forget , which agreement main part of disarming the LTTE India did not full fill and as such has caused over 100000 Sri Lankan Lives, over 100000 Sri Lankans suffering loss of limbs, hands and eyes and several billion US $ financial Loss to Our Country Why do not a patriot organization go to the Supreme Court on the basis of article 126 (5) by which a petition in the Supreme Court should be completed within 2 months of filing a petition in the Supreme Court or making such reference and get this 13th amendment nullified naming TNA, India and LTTE fronts in several counties as respondents.

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