Ravi Takes On Yasantha Kodagoda

By Easwaran Rutnam

Former Minister Ravi Karunanayake’s lawyers have written to the Presidential commission investigating the alleged treasury bond scam with regards to the allegations made by Additional Solicitor General Yasantha Kodagoda, linking Shanil Nethicumara with the former Minister.

Nethicumara was accused of threatening the family of Anika Wijesuriya for giving evidence at the Bond Commission against Karunanayake.

Karunanayake’s lawyers insist that their client is not related to Shanil Nethicumara.

Premier Legal Consultants, writing to the commission on behalf of Karunanayake, said that Additional Solicitor General Yasantha Kodagoda, who made the allegations during the commission hearings, had failed to investigate the claims before making the pronouncements last month.

Premier Legal Consultants also noted that the allegations had been made in writing to the commission earlier yet Kodagoda repeated the claims at a public sitting in front of the media, knowing that the media will report on it.

As a result Premier Legal Consultants said that their client, Karunanayake, is of the view that the allegations were made just to gain media attention both locally and internationally.

Premier Legal Consultants also noted that at the time the matter was raised at the commission, Anika Wijesuriya had not filed a complaint with the Police.

Karunanayake’s lawyers also alleged that while Anika Wijesuriya had left the country claiming she was facing threats, she had visited the country at least on one occasion.

Premier Legal Consultants said that the irresponsible actions of Yasantha Kodagoda has caused pain of mind and damage to their client as some newspaper had given the impression that Karunanayake was behind the alleged threats made to Anika Wijesuriya.

While denying Karunanayake had anything to do with the threats, Premier Legal Consultants has requested the commission to look into the matter and take appropriate action. (Colombo Gazette)

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  1. Forgetful

    Or is it that he cannot remember !

  2. Dadaddaaggyaggydaaggyddddsd

    I thought RK was suffering from a memory loss.

  3. Horashot

    May be that the chap who made death threats is off a hora shot. RK cannot remember

  4. Dot

    Why are we side tracked with all this accusations of this nature ?.what is important is to round up the finale of the Commissions findings with the PM finally citing his references before the commission and the report submitted for future action .. The legal team had no mean task to extract the facts from witnesses who were called to act by a sense of misplaced loyalty ….May be the omissions and commissions can come after the public hears the end of one story even if all live happily thereafter ..

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