Top US Official To Have Wide Ranging Talks In Colombo

US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Thomas A Shannon will have wide ranging talks on US-Sri Lanka relations during his visit to Colombo this week.

Shannon will visit Dhaka, Bangladesh, and Colombo, Sri Lanka, November 5–7, the US State Department said.

While in Dhaka, November 5–6, Under Secretary Shannon will co-lead the U.S.-Bangladesh Partnership Dialogue and discuss bilateral, regional, and global issues, including the Rohingya crisis, with government and non-government officials.

Under Secretary Shannon will then travel to Colombo on November 6, where he will co-lead the U.S.-Sri Lanka Partnership Dialogue and meet with Government and non-government officials.

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  1. srilanka is communal country then they can enter parliament, talk against other community. Sinhala only, Buddhism only ,bring yellow Rope to parliament, final decian by monks it a big joke, parliament members are elected by people and for the people. but monks has no place in parliament they want power .Buddha ask live for peace and harmony. monks are killing the Buddha phiyoloshpy. member of parliament communal and crime, corruption. judicial is watch dog,

    • robert

      I would complete agree with you. Has buddhism reduced killings even after the war? Americans have landed in their play ground
      Special note: to understand how they will operate, read histories from countries of South America . read proper history books , not gossip centres.

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