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UK tells Sri Lanka to fully implement UNHRC resolution

The British Government has told Sri Lanka to fully implement the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) resolution which was passed in March.

British Minister of State for Asia and the Pacific Mark Field said that he had raised the issue during his visit to Sri Lanka in October.

“During my visit in early October 2017 to Colombo and Jaffna, I raised with Foreign Minister Marapana the importance of the Sri Lankan Government implementing in full its commitments under UN Human Rights Council Resolution 34/1, which rolled over the commitments made under 30/1. These commitments include the return of all military-held private land, the operationalisation of the Office of Missing Persons, and the development of new counter-terrorism legislation in line with international human rights standards.,” he said.

The British Minister of State said that the UK is committed to the full implementation of Resolution 34/1 and will continue to support the Government of Sri Lanka in its efforts to promote reconciliation and human rights. (Colombo Gazette)

7 Comments for “UK tells Sri Lanka to fully implement UNHRC resolution”

  1. Namal Perera

    Terrorists are blasting bombs all over their Country and they are telling us, the only Nation in the entire Universe that completely ERASED Terrorism from their land. what to do? Ask the Jokers to go fly a kite and mind their own business. The Government should do what is best for the Country and not to satisfy any Jokers from any where in the World. Where were these Jokers when the Terrorists were slaughtering unarmed innocent civilians and destroying valuable assets of the Country?

  2. ,ddd

    UK need to first seek permission from Lord Naseby.

    Is this Mark Fields talking or Diaspora $$ talking……Brittain has gone topsy turvy. Yet these buggers are poking their nose in internal matters of Sri Lanka.

    Attempting to show up as a colonial power by bullying developing country

    • These British buggers are the ones have created all the problems in the world ; they screwed the Arab World by setting up their protectorates, & milked the region dry, left it for their buddies – Americans – to ciean their crap in the region,… and now, they come to poke their filthy paws in our country.

  3. gamarala

    An undeclared Military Regime is in force in the north and east which deprives citizens of their rights enshrined in the constitution – non enforcement of human rights, ownership of lands and homes, proper education, making state appointments in proper manner, observing rituals and family/religious occasions without interference, intimidation of young people, deprivation of freedom of worship, prevention of mourning the dead, demolition of cemeteries, livelihoods without interference,businesses and agriculture taken over by military, preying on widows, introduction of narcotics, arrests and assaults – even shootings – of citizens without cause, non acceptance of complaints by police.
    Political prisoners still in jail for many years without trial.
    The NPC is not allowed to function like all other PCs by the Governor.

  4. raj

    Mr.Sampanthan and Mr.Sumanthiran will defend the government in order to enjoy the facilities.

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